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Motoblouz Days 01/07: Winding ride between the castles of the Loire

On July 1, for this first day of Motoblouz Days, registered ride enthusiasts meandered along the banks of the Loire and Indre... A look back at this journey dedicated to heritage in our video!

Amboise, just before the start!

It's 8:30 a.m. and everyone is at the meeting arranged by Moto Magazine (co-organizer of these Motoblouz Days) at the bar of the Ile d'or campsite, in the heart of Amboise. The day will be hot, which is why a light rain did not dampen the motivation of the 30 participants.

After a well-deserved breakfast and a good coffee, we get to know each other. It’s also an opportunity to admire, envy or assess each other’s frames. We're not doing it again!

Everyone memorizes their usher's motorcycle, before setting off on the road towards the castles of the Loire, Cher and Indre. Just another way to forget this day when the 80 km/h limit came into force...

On the way along the Loire and its castles

Our morning stage extends over 107 kilometers to Esvres sur Indre. We then leave along the banks of the Loire towards the Château de Villandry and its famous gardens.

After crossing the refreshing forest, the group reaches the Château de Rigny Ussé. Located on the bank of the Indre, this splendid building is better known as “Sleeping Beauty Castle” since it inspired Charles Perrault, author of the eponymous account.

motoblouz days chateau usse

Arrival of the group at the Château d'Ussé

Motoblouz Days, for all bikers and all motorcycles!

We continue our route towards the beautiful village of Azay-le-Rideau and its castle, where a stop is essential! We then resume our route towards the village of Montbazon and its 10th century fortress.

A course of choice for the BMW K1660 Bagger Grand America, BMW R 1200 GS and other Honda Goldwings. But a few participants still stood out from the crowd with their old ones, who were won over by this route concocted by the team of Motorcycle Ride.

The road, even in tourist mode, is hollow! The long-awaited lunch break finally arrives.

motoblouz days GT

Some of the walkers' machines of the day

After a morning spent on the banks of the Loire, it was time to discover one of its tributaries. The afternoon begins with 87 kilometers of small country roads along the banks of the Indre. They will take us towards Cormery, from where we will branch off towards Loche, its ramparts and its castle.

Situated on the Indrois (one of the tributaries of the Indre), the village of Montrésor will offer the opportunity for a quick stopover. The village castle is a defense point dating from medieval times, built by a Count of Anjou around the year 1005.

We then head towards Chenonceau, the finish line of the ride. The opportunity for a goodbye drink on the terrace of a friendly bar on the banks of the Cher. But shhh, only the initiated know this address now 😉

A sunny and warm day

motoblouz days conviviality

The link is created quickly. Bikers, a big family open to exchange!

Better a testimony than a long speech. Olivier, one of the participants, shared his feelings about this day with us:

« My passenger and I spent in your company (and that of the members of the organization of the outing) an excellent day that was both pleasant, friendly and informative. Thank you for your communicative kindness. Personally, I greatly appreciated the flexibility felt by a “square” organization.« 

Last stop

Deserved break in the shade of a willow

It is on the banks of the Cher that our mills fell silent and our wheels stopped definitively, Bistrot'Quai to be exact, where Jean-François welcomed us with open arms.

A place for restoration and relaxation, this final stage offered us a moment of calm after this day punctuated by bends and breathtaking landscapes. All decorated with architectural monuments, each more impressive than the last, between Indre and Loire.

motoblouz days Loire

A barge moves peacefully on the water

Do you want to taste the joys of an organized itinerary to discover a region along its side roads without any hassle? See you in the North on September 2 for the next Motoblouz Days outing! Register here The day in the North has passed, report here !

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