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Motocross of Nations 2017: I was there!

MXDN 2017 start line

On September 30 and October 1, the Motocross Des Nations (or MXDN) took place in Matterley Basin, United Kingdom. Thanks to Motoblouz and Fox , I was able to experience this weekend for the first time as every rider dreams of experiencing it: as close as possible to the event and the riders. Come, I’ll show you!

The Motocross of Nations in brief for laymen

While I can't imagine anyone not being able to understand what I'm talking about, it seems (after trying to tell friends about my weekend) that a booster shot isn't too much trouble. What is the Motocross of Nations, condensed into MXDN or even MXON? When I have to summarize my weekend to friends who are new to off-roading, I try to keep it simple: it's the motocross world cup, but which unlike football takes place every year.
If you really are totally down, know that this year again, it is the French team which wins the MX des Nations. This title allows him to hang a fifth star on his jersey, and above all, the fourth in a row!

Motocross of Nations

Always a good show at the Motocross des Nations!

Guests by Fox and Motoblouz

For fans who have never experienced this, you will hate us. Why do I say we? Because I'm not only going to tell about my weekend, but also that of Jonathan & Laetitia, our weekend guests. How's that for guests? When we tell you that there is never a loser at Motoblouz , it's not a joke! For the Motocross of Nations Jonathan won their places via a competition organized by Fox & Motoblouz.

For the Motocross des Nations Jonathan won his places via a competition organized by Fox & Motoblouz .

A good move which allowed him to experience an all-expenses paid weekend (transport, accommodation, access, meeting, etc.) with the person of his choice. So yes, it’s worth taking part in the Motoblouz games. It was also an opportunity for us to be closer to people who make us love our job and with whom we share a common passion.

Matterley Basin

The Matterley Basin MXGP circuit (United Kingdom) hosted the MXDN this year

Inside is now!

I'm repeating myself and I'm probably going to do so throughout this article, you're going to hate us, but really.
A weekend like this starts on Friday. In fact you have to make the journey to the United Kingdom. But strangely the journey seems very short because the excitement is so present and the road is not felt. At the same time, it was the first time I drove on the left (these English people are crazy), but I didn't do too badly (my co-driver can confirm).

Arriving at the hotel, we take our places in the rooms and I encounter a problem: I forgot that the British sockets are different… And of course I don't have an adapter! Too bad, we'll get by without it. This weekend, the cell phone is not the most important, you have to live this moment with your eyes.

Around 7 p.m., the meal is organized by Fox at the hotel. And now the dream begins. Not only do you meet the CEO FOX Paul e. harrington, but on top of that, you realize that at the table behind you, there is Eric Péronnard (for the youngest, he's the Frenchy from the USA with a CV as long as my two arms, consultant and organizer for the SX US, the SX de Bercy, the Red Bull Straight Rhythm, the X-games... just that) , Sébastien Tortelli or Jeff Emig

Tim Gajser

Jonhatan poses with Tim Gajser. Lucky guy goes!

Saturday morning: Great start!

The real MX of Nations begins on Saturday morning. We have a meeting at the truck, what am I saying, to the Fox semi-trailer in order to collect our passes and be briefed on access and timing for the weekend. But what can you see at the Fox truck? The new Fox 180 boots and the new Fox V3 2018 helmet, displayed next to a TV that broadcasts live from the circuit, a DJ who plays all day and continues for the evening, guys who take apart a 450 CRF all new to engrave its frame and its pots and cover the plastics with blue glitter paper (the guy who does this must be really good at gluing decorative kits, because the paper is as thin as a sheet of tracing paper and in the end he there is no bubble).

Mud MXDN 201

MX is often a mud affair... The MXDN 2017 was no exception!

Next to the semi-trailer, Fox also had a virtual reality animation. The principle ? Hop on Paulin or Gasjer's motorbike, put on your helmet equipped with VR glasses and go racing. I admit that the idea is very good and that we easily get into the game. In short, at Fox , you have everything you need to entertain yourself during the weekend if you want to stay warm.

But that's not the goal and I admit that for my premier inside, I'm not going to stay under the awning of the truck!

Fox 2018

Fox presented its new 2018 products, the V3 helmet and 180 boots

In contact with the pilots

So I leave the Fox truck and set off towards the circuit accompanied by Jonathan & Laetitia with the VIP passes given by Fox . That's when you realize that you're lucky and that you find your inner child again. First stage : The skybox. It's the footbridge which is behind the starting gate, and that's the fun. At the time of testing, you even have the right to go down to the grid and be as close as possible to the drivers.

First step: The skybox. It's the footbridge which is behind the starting gate, and that's the fun. During practice, you even have the right to go down to the grid and be as close as possible to the drivers.

So of course you have to be careful: If you are there as a tourist, for the drivers and the teams this is not the case and they are not there to plant strawberries. I say that because while taking a photo, I almost got run over by Cairoli, but it's hard to blame him, I even think that if I had had his tire mark on the shoe I would have managed to keep it for life… #JeSuisUneGroupie

French MXDN team

Reflecting on the starting line…

Want to be everywhere at once…

In the skybox you also have screens, which allow you to follow the race live as well as the lap times of each driver, and big advantage it works! (Yes because in the league when we put you on a TV to have live timing, there is always a round difference, and your panelist cannot find you in the rankings…)
You then spend your morning going up and down... because it's so crazy that you want to be everywhere at the same time.

During the lunch break, we return to the Fox booth to attend the presentation of the 180 boot and the V3 helmet. Although having had the chance to test them before the MX des Nations (which you haven't yet read my test on the fox V3 helmet or on the new Fox 180 boot …there is still time to catch up). And who better to present these products than fox ambassadors Sébastien Tortelli and Ricky Carmichael ?

Evgeny Bobryshev

Jonhatan and Laetitia, our guests, were given a jersey autographed by Evgeny Bobryshev

Hospitality, a paradise for hungry enthusiasts

It's not all about wanting to see everything, for that you have to have energy. And to have energy, you have to eat. Thanks to the pass, we have access to Youthstream hospitality (the promoter of the event as well as the entire world championship.) The tables are enormous and the buffet is worthy of a five-star hotel. English Fish & Chip isn't for now, but it's still good. It's also a perfect time to sit down and chat with other enthusiasts.

As the Youthstream restaurant is located just after the finish jump, we decide to change our point of view a bit and stay there for a while. The sequence of arrival: double – table being magnificent, the place is just perfect for photos! (Too bad the weather is a little less so)

After the races, we return to the Fox truck for more entertainment. The opportunity for Jonathan to meet Tim Gajser (2016 MXGP champion & 2015 MX2 Champion ) as well as Loïc Bruni (double downhill mountain bike world champion ).

Supporters France mxdn 2017

Without worthy support, no victory is possible!

We take the same and start again

On Sunday, the program is more or less the same for our morning. So I took the opportunity to brave the cold and do a full tour to get other shots of the atmosphere, the supporters...

During the lunch break, Fox invites us to meet at the HRC truck for a surprise. An idea for a gift? No really not ? yet HRC does not have many riders in MXGP. Come on, let's stop the unnecessary suspense. It is the jersey of the Russian giant Evgeny Bobryshev that Anthony received.

Herlings lives up to expectations. For the record, I saw him chatting with Osborne before his first round, I think he was telling him the number of seconds he was going to take.

The afternoon is dedicated to the main event, with the final rounds of this Motocross of Nations. It must be said, the level of the drivers is really impressive. Herlings lives up to expectations. For the record, I saw him chatting with Osborne before his first round, I think he was telling him the number of seconds he was going to take.
Hunter Lawrence and his 250 RMZ are very impressive, Gajser is solid but does not force. The only disappointment in my opinion comes from Antonio Cairoli, who ensures the result, but did not attack all weekend.

Gautier paulin mxdn 2017

Gautier Paulin at work during the last round of the weekend

The French team still sells us dreams

And the French team in all this? Solid, very solid. Charlier, Febvre and Paulin “did the job” as they say. And although there were very few points difference with the Netherlands and no heat victory for France I think they were sure of themselves. So serene, that Romain Febvre took the time to stop to change his glasses during the last round!

Result: the French team is champion again this year.

So not only did I have stars in my eyes throughout the weekend, but on top of that, France climbed to the top of the podium and the Marseillaise rings out over Matterley Basin to end this weekend in the most beautiful way!

France MXDN 2017

The French team, once again victorious at the MXDN 2017!

If I had to summarize this weekend:

The MXDN 2017 team
I hesitate between the French team and Canada, because yes I am proud of the French team and it still surprised more than one but canada's Fox outfit was still mega-stylish!

The weekend pilot
Hunter Lawrence (Australia – MX2), the most impressive rider for me that weekend. Despite his fall in his last round which caused Australia to lose points, this guy is super impressive. His speed allows him to reach 450 and his aerial style is just magnificent! In addition, we recently learned of his signing with Honda Geico and a departure to the US in 2019… perhaps he is the new Chad Reed!

The weekend audience
We will say what we want, the English public is good, and yet it is the French public which imposes the most. So of course, we were not at home and therefore the atmosphere was not like Ernée, and yet the largest flag was indeed blue, white, red and it was not for Jeffrey Herlings. (Take a French flag, hold it with the lines horizontal and you get a flag of the Low Countries, the country of Herlings. Ok, you had to dig!)

Weekend action
Max Anstie's fall on Saturday when landing a jump. And that didn't discourage him because he still won his two rounds on Sunday.

Crowded Matterley Basin

Since I tell you that there were people at Matterley Basin!

Time for thanks

I really think we lived everyone's dream of riding that weekend, thanks to Fox , Motoblouz and all the people who are working on these different projects. So for that, a big thank you to them! Thank you also to Jonathan & Laetitia for taking part in the game, I know that the experience was most beautiful for you.

I hope to have the chance to write the same article on the Motocross des Nations 2018. How is it in the USA? I don't know about it... (the art of subtly conveying a message? Haha)

Above all, don't forget, to have the chance to experience such events, whether you are off-road, enduro or otherwise, there is only one option: take part in the Motoblouz competitions! I think I’ve shown you that the prizes are quite nice :)

Competition Winners

It's worth participating in the competitions organized by Fox and Motoblouz , right?

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