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Grand prize for originality: Ten helmets that will mark 2015!

original motorcycle helmet: The top 10!

If you fear the commonplace, this selection is made for you! It brings together ten helmets that have recently appeared in the catalog, demonstrating originality compared to their competitors. We have our favorite, and you?

What connects the ten helmets that follow below? Although they are technically and visually very diverse, they have a common denominator: they prove to be real tools for making an impression! These originals feature truly atypical lines anchored in a style, colorful decorations inspired by multiple worlds, or unusual details... or even all three at the same time! This shows that it is not necessarily necessary toinvest in noble fibers to shine in society...
Here is our selection of the most original helmets of 2015, all for sale at Motoblouz . Who gets the prize?

Shark Vancore: The charismatic

Shark vancore ryu helmet
Derived from Raw, tHE Vancore, it's the same charisma, but optimized in terms of protection since it's an integral. With its cross -type mask and its abrupt look, it certainly does not lack character. But the good news is that the Vancore is not limited to the form, and is also interested in the substance: it is indeed very comfortable, as we were able to see. during our test !

Bell Bullitt helmet: The vintage

Bell bullitt helmet
Immerse yourself in the vintage world with the Bell Bullit. The American manufacturer is coming with something heavy this season (see the RS1 below, as well as the Star Carbon presented in our post on carbon helmets). Flat chin bar, lenticular screen, the Bullit draws its inspiration from the first integrals which appeared on the slopes around the world from the 60s and 70s. A success of its kind!

Scorpion Exo -1200 Air Stella Helmet: The friendly road driver

Scorpion EXO -1200 air stella helmet
This Stella decor combining black and yellow seemed both original and nice enough to be included in our selection. But what we also liked about him is that the Scorpion EXO -1200 air constitutes the highly anticipated road-sports descendant of the EXO-1000, which benefits from a number of improvements. Lighter, equipped with a more advanced screen, this versatile helmet with an inflatable interior deserves our attention!

HJC FG-17 X Fuera helmet: The replica

The HJC FG-17 X Fuera helmet
There’s more than just R-PHA 10 Plus at HJC ! THE FG-17 occupies the position of road alternative to its track brother. But he keeps the sportsman's genes, in particular with the X Fuera motif (the red cross which adorns the top of the cap), Jorge Lorenzo's favorite symbol, and a major part of this replica decoration. A benchmark in the making!

LS2 Bobber Kurt helmet: The approved café racer

LS2 bobber helmet
If to stand out from the crowd is to ride a café racer , the LS2 bobber kurt should please you. With its matte verdigris and black paint, without visor, it will blend in wonderfully with your universe. If the decor is not to your taste, several variations are available in the catalog. And the best part is that it belongs to the popular category of inexpensive headphones!

Icon Airmada Sensory Helmet: The monstrous

Icon airmada sensory helmet
There is no need to point out what constitutes the identity of this complete signed Icon. The favorite brand of stunters has spread its injected suit with alien jam (or dinosaurs with pointy teeth), and the result is there. A helmet for pure show-off!

Bell RS1 helmet: The sporty

Bell rs1 emblem helmet
Tight lines, aerodynamic shape, the Bell RS1 don't worry about compromise! This truly successful profiled aesthetic allows it to stand out compared to its competitors., which gives it the opportunity to be listed here. On the equipment side, there is no shortage of arguments either, particularly on the safety side: it benefits from DOT approval (like the moto-9 cross helmet), which explains its weight above average for a sporty helmet (1,575 g).

Roof Rover helmet: The software

Roof rover classic helmet
The innate class, the Roof Rover. Long-screen jets often look modern, with a contemporary style, even sometimes a little aggressive. The Rover stands out from the crowd with a softly shaped aesthetic and rounded, which makes it a special product, which will appeal to both women and men.

Shark Skwal Helmet: The Luminous

Shark skwal spina x helmet
THE Skwal looks like a lambda integral. But it has an innovation that makes it original, especially at night. This Shark is equipped with LEDs at the vents which guarantee much greater visibility after dark, without this affecting its price too much. A bright idea! It therefore has a small internal battery, and is of course supplied with the charger which allows you to refuel.

Grand Prix for originality 2015!

Premier Trophy helmet: The new

Premier Trophy Helmet
Question of originality, the premier Trophy helmet sits there! This approved full face is camouflaged, but it's hard to go unnoticed with it! Simple in its design (no ventilation, screen, etc.) it's really a question of style that it will be appreciated. a truly esoteric helmet which in our eyes deserves the award for most original helmet in 2015!

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