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Motoblouz exclusive: Furygan Heat Jaya heated motorcycle gloves

Did you think that the concept of heated motorcycle gloves had reached its conclusion? Wait until you discover the Furygan Heat Jaya gloves! This model incorporates everything that made the success of the first generation of Furygan heated gloves, adding a series of high-calorie innovations. You'll see, it's fire!

How to design a good product? Drawing on experience. At Furygan in any case, it's completely the house philosophy, who reveals himself once again with Heat Jaya.

Well equipped to handle the cold

First, their design is similar to that of the best winter gloves from the Nîmes brand. Like their brothers Furygan land d30 – one of the brand's references to the panther, in the catalog for years – they include double insulation – Dual lining as they say at home. One, soft and fibrous, is in contact with the hand, the second takes place under the outer material. Add a very long cuff and wide enough to cover the end of a winter motorcycle jacket, a double tightening and you have a glove which, by nature, will protect you well from the cold. And when we think about it, the best way to promote the autonomy of heated motorcycle glovesis to limit heat loss!

Let's focus a little on the design before getting to the heart of the matter. Combining textile and goat leather for flexibility, they can count on rigid metacarpal protection. Enough to ensure eN 13594:2015 KP1 certification. Also note the gussets on the fingers, the laser patterns in the leather, the tactile index finger, etc.

Furygan Heat Jaya heated motorcycle gloves

The Furygan Heat Jaya, innovative heated motorcycle gloves

Furygan Heat Jaya: And let it heat up!

Let's finally come to what makes the Furygan Heat Jaya really special: their heating function! If they take what made the success of the previous generation (Heat Blizzard and others), they innovate for greater pleasure. Biggest innovation from my point of view, the extension of the heating circuit. On the Heat Jaya and other models in the range – Heat Genesis and Heat x kevlarⓒ – the heated surface covers the back of the hand and extends not only to the fingertips, but also returns under the first phalanx. Frozen fingers are clearly a thing of the past!

Also a very practical little feature: 1-click mode. You control both gloves by pressing just one of the control buttons. No need to turn on the premier glove then the second, or adjust the temperature of one then the other. Practical especially when you are on the handlebars. Lefties and righties will love it.

As is often the case, we find three heating levels on heated motorcycle gloves, symbolized by the following indicator colors:

  1. Red : 100% power – 2 hours of autonomy
  2. YELLOW : 70% of the power – 2h20 of autonomy
  3. Green : 50% power – 3h20 autonomy

( Furygan /bob marley data)

The heating power is announced to be greater than on its predecessor, the Furygan Heat Blizzard. A future test will help resolve the question!

FUrygan Heat Jaya backlit button

The heating power indicator, configurable with the MyFury Connect app

MyFury Connect, control your Furygan Heat Jaya with your fingertips

That being said, the Furygan Heat Jaya can do a lot better than these three modes. Prerequisite: have a smartphone. Install the MyFury Connect app, and a world of features awaits you. In particular, you can customize the heating modes in a very specific way, and even add more to best suit your needs. And, last but not least, the gloves memorize your choices: understand that once set, they do not need a connection to the phone to work. It's just a settings app in short. And very intuitive from what I have seen.

Concretely, you can configure up to five different heating levels, to the nearest percent. Add to this the possibility of choosing personal colors (presentation suggestion: only blue to go with your Yam') and even the light intensity of the indicators. Rest assured, in case of panic, you can return to factory settings.

The app also offers a much more precise gauge than the classic button color codes, and for both batteries independently.

4 screenshots of the MyFury Connect app

Overview of MyFury Connect, the Furygan Heat Jaya glove settings app

Preheat thermostat 1 before putting in the oven

Rest assured, #EnjoyTheRide is not turning into a cooking blog! In fact, Fury recommends preheating the gloves before heading out. The interest is twofold.

  • First you save your batteries substantially by preheating the gloves in a room at 20°C. And once the target interior temperature has been reached, the inertia means that there is no longer any need to maintain it, which pumps far fewer watts.
  • Then, when you slip into warm gloves, your hands already cooled by putting on your equipment and removing the lock, it borders on the same pleasure as getting back under the duvet one morning when the alarm has gone off by mistake …

And for that, the MyFury Connect app makes your life once again easier with a preheating schedule programming function (5 minutes at 100%). No need to think about it in the morning rush, admit that it's not bad.

Furygan Heat Jaya heated gloves on the palm side

Overview of the palm side, with the two velcro tightening straps

Focus on (kitchen?) batteries

Come on, I'll stop with the adulterated metaphors. Capable of delivering up to 8 watts per glove, the two 7.4 V LiFePo batteries are housed inside the cuff, on the road side. 4 hours are required for a full charge of the 2200 mAh (see our buying guide for see what it means). The charging cable is USB, which allows connection to the PC in the office. They think of everything at Fury!
The total capacity of the batteries when fully charged is guaranteed for 25 days. Beyond this deadline, slow discharge begins. You will need to recharge to enjoy maximum autonomy again.

Note that if autonomy is a big concern for you, you would be wrong not to take a look at the superboost cable. It allows all Fury heated gloves to be connected directly to the motorcycle battery. Forget the expression “cold hands”, even on very long journeys!

Impressive in their functionality, the Furygan Heat Jaya heated gloves will satisfy demanding motorcyclists who already have experience with heated motorcycle gloves and who want to take control further. Everyone will find a good pair of gloves in terms of manufacturing quality and heating level. The base, what!

Article updated October 6, 2022

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