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Jorge Martín: “I have blind confidence in my Shark ”

While Jorge Martín visited us on the occasion of the 17th anniversary of Motoblouz , we had the chance to ask him a few questions. Off-the-cuff interview with the #89 MotoGP rider, who we are happy to support this season!

Motoblouz : So, the welcome from the people of the North?
Jorge Martín #89: Super surprise! I find you very welcoming, everyone is easy to contact. And at Motoblouz , you are all motorcycle fans, that’s great!

What do you think of the Ducati?
The Ducati is incredible. With it, I reached 362 km/h! Despite everything, she lacks a little agility. But it's a great bike, I'm super happy with it. The first time I got on it, I couldn't wait to push it to its limits in a straight line to see what it had in its belly. And in fact, it was going so fast that I couldn't lie down behind the bubble! And the braking that followed was super impressive too. The bike stops suddenly and it takes a lot of force to hold on. The smoothness of the gearbox is also crazy. The gears shift smoothly, almost as if it were a scooter!

Jorge Martin MotoGP #89 at Motoblouz

We pulled out all the stops to welcome Jorge Martín!

How does it feel to race with Marquez or Rossi?
The first time you race with them on the circuit, it's impressive, but over the course of the races, they gradually become competitors and you get used to it... Basically, I'm a fan of Valentino Rossi, and that's it. It's a little hard to see that he doesn't have good feeling on the handlebars this season.

How do you consider yourself different from the other riders on the MotoGP field?
I am a driver who always gives 100% of what I have. Sometimes it's good, others less... To go for pole position, I switch off my brain and I manage turn by turn, without knowing if I'm going to come out on my two wheels. In racing, it's a little different. You have to moderate your enthusiasm for the first six laps to save the tires, which are very stressed by the extra weight of the fuel tank. At the end of the race, on the contrary, we are much more physical to compensate for the slippage of the bike due to worn tires.

And your injuries in Portimao, how do you manage to recover so quickly?
There is no secret unfortunately. To summarize, the races that follow, you have to endure the pain. Besides, even today, I have not completely recovered.

With Johann Zarco, your team mate, is it going well?
Yes, it's going very well. Johann is a unique driver, very mature, who has very different tastes from mine. He's a good person and we both have a very good relationship!

What is your goal for the end of the season and for 2022?
Give my best and fight for the podium as much as possible. Lately, I'm often at the foot of the podium, I can get there. For 2022, podiums, and for the rest, we'll see!

Where does your nickname “Martinator” come from?
During my very first race, I fell and suffered a serious fracture in my forearm, which required me to have a metal plate installed. Later I had another one, so people compared me to Terminator. Terminator – Martinator, the nickname was found! Luckily, it's titanium, so I don't beep at the airport...

Are you happy with your Shark Race-R Pro?
As a pilot, I am especially attentive to the protection that my equipment gives me. And in this area, I have blind confidence in my Shark. I had the worst mess of my life with him and I'm still here to talk about it today. Of course, I worked with Shark to customize the interior of the helmet. The foams are adapted to the constraints of MotoGP riding. For example, the foam at the top of the head is denser than on the standard helmet. But for everything else, it's identical to the stock Race-R Pro.

Do you have a position on the adoption of a driver/team intercom communication system in MotoGP , as in F1?
For me, MotoGP is a more physical sport than Formula 1. You have to move a lot, and it seems difficult to find the right moment to communicate. Moreover, the pilots who tried did not join.

What does your physical preparation look like?
Swimming, cycling, gym, I do everything it takes to be well prepared, six days a week. For nutrition, I have a team that monitors me on a daily basis.

Do you follow any sports other than motorcycling?
I really like contact sports like MMA or boxing, but also triathlon or cycling. Overall, I follow Spanish athletes, like for example Rafael Nadal.


Thanks to Jorge Martín for his availability, to Shark who made his visit possible, to Bruno for the translation and to Max for the photos!
Cover photo, from left to right: Jérôme Dalidet (CEO of Motoblouz ), Jorge Martin (no introduction!), Adrià Morgó (E-commerce Manager Spain) and Joffrey Dumont (Deputy General Manager and occasional pilot )

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Jorge Martin signs a Motoblouz package

Three customers will receive their Motoblouz package signed by Jorge Martín. Surprise !

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