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Ixon and Furygan Airbag by IN&MOTION: Everything you need to know in video

We no longer present the Ixon and Furygan airbags... These two stars of wireless airbags owe their effectiveness in terms of protection to IN&BOX. This intelligent box developed by the Savoyard startup IN&MOTION manages the detection of an abnormal event on the handlebars and triggers the airbag in the blink of an eye (and even less than that to be exact). How does this electronic brain work? Dorian, spokesperson for IN&MOTION, answers all your questions in this ultra-complete video.

Who is In&Motion?

The Annecy-based company is 100% dedicated to intelligent airbag systems. A pioneer in wireless motorcycle airbag with its historic partner Ixon , IN&MOTION first gained experience in MotoGP by equipping Bradley Smith in 2016 with the first version of its airbag system. To refine the result and make it compliant with road use, the constraints of which differ greatly from those of the track), the startup equipped 500 volunteer testers with a prototype of its airbag vest for development and optimization purposes for a period of year. The objective was in particular to improve the relevance of triggering by detecting events which should lead to triggering of the airbag . The final product, the airbag vest Ixon ix- Airbag u03, was placed on the market at the end of 2018. Today, IN&MOTION technology integrates other airbag systems, including Furygan air bag system.

IN&BOX, the brain of the airbag

Without a connection cable or sensor to be mounted on the motorcycle, the IN&BOX box works autonomously. The in&box's electronic calculation center analyzes the rider's movements 1000 times per second. In the event of a risky situation, it triggers the inflation of the airbag integrated into the vest. It is, in a way, the brain of the airbag . To do this, it relies on algorithms and data from all equipped bikers. These data continue to be collected in order to continually improve the accuracy of detection.
Protection as such is provided by the vest. This is designed by partner motorcycle equipment manufacturers. The airbag protects the rider's vital areas by covering the thorax, abdomen, neck and spine (like a back protector) under the jacket.

Furygan Fury Airbag System - The In&Box in place and operational

Furygan Fury Airbag System – The In&Box in place and operational

Trigger time

In the world of airbags, we talk more about availability time. This in fact covers the time it takes for the airbag to detect the accident (15 milliseconds at IN&MOTION) and the triggering time until the airbag is completely inflated (45 milliseconds). In less than 60 milliseconds – less than the blink of an eye – the IN&MOTION airbag is made available. This record result makes it the only motorcycle airbag system to earn 5 stars to date. to the SRA test, which evaluates the quality of airbags on the market.

The MyIN&BOX app

To easily access the airbag settings, an app must be installed on your smartphone. It allows you to choose the type of use (track or road), monitor the battery level and update status. The MyIN&BOX app, that's its name, was enriched last October with a new functionality: the Liberty Rider emergency call, included with IN&MOTION membership. If an accident occurs and the airbag is triggered somewhere in Europe, the Liberty Rider app asks you if you are okay. If you don't receive a response, a support service will try to contact you. And if you still don't respond, emergency services are notified and have your location.

In&motion Airbag

The IN&BOX is in a way the brain of the airbag

25 hours of protection per charge

After the three hours of charging necessary to fully charge the battery, it lasts 25 hours of driving. If you stop somewhere and hang your airbag on a coat rack, it automatically goes to sleep after a few minutes of inactivity. A look at the application or the LEDs located on the box will tell you the system charge level.

What size airbag should I choose?

Airbag vests that work with IN&MOTION are worn under the jacket, like a back protector with straps. The question often comes up: should you choose a size smaller than that of your motorcycle jacket? The answer is no: choose a vest the same size as your jacket. Likewise, there is no point changing your jacket for a model one size larger.
You can simply remove the back of your jacket since the airbag vest is itself equipped with a back.

Recondition the airbag yourself if it is triggered

If the airbag is triggered, it remains inflated to maximize protection. Simply unscrew the system cartridge so that the airbag integrated into the vest deflates. And if the airbag has not suffered following the accident, all you will have to do is obtain a replacement cartridge (price: €88.50) and install it yourself so that the vest is operational again. Contact our after-sales service so that we can put this aside for you.

Purchase or rental?

When you buy an IN&MOTION airbag vest, the box is delivered directly with it. Activation involves choosing between purchasing and renting. Rental can be monthly or annual (with a price of €11.80 and €118.00 respectively), but always without commitment. It is also possible to pause it at any time, for example during the winter season if you are not driving to limit its cost. You also benefit from 72-hour after-sales service in the event of a breakdown and an extended warranty included in the price.
Whether you buy the IN&BOX or rent it, you benefit from the updates.
Some insurers may cover part of the purchase cost and adapt their guarantees.

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Article updated on October 27, 2022

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