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Chloé's Christmas list of women's equipment

Small Santa,

This year hasn't been easy, but I think you'll agree with me that, overall, I've been good. Not that kindness should be “monetized”, but if by chance you had room in your host, here is a little list with a few little things that would make me very happy. I even told you why they would bring joy to the base of my tree.

The REV'IT Luna Lady pants

Some of my loved ones know my love for the brand. I love their products for their aesthetic and their quality/price ratio. My premier motorcycle leather was Rev'it Allure Evo Ladies, and I still cherish it today. And I'm still looking for the perfect motorcycle pants...

Here the brand offers a luna Lady pants in soft and elegant leather, and available in standard version but also short and long. This allows as many people as possible to find happiness. Of course, leather pants are not particularly suitable for all seasons... But at least I could live out my biker fantasy dressed all in leather!

Rev it LUNA LADY pants

The Icon Pursuit Touchscreen Women gloves

We stay in the leather theme with these icon Pursuit gloves. I've never tried the brand and I don't own any short gloves, but I really like their clean look. In addition, it seems that the leather is very soft, and that these gloves are very comfortable. Thanks to those who left reviews ! A small addition to my range of gloves.

Gloves Icon pursuit touchscreen womens


TCX Boots X-BOULEVARD Waterproof half-boots

Still and always leather, definitely. And once again, a brand that I like. My first boots were TCX Lady Classic with heels for the license, to make sure I have both feet on the ground. They are still part of my regular equipment today, but betray their primary functionality at premier glance. I also had the opportunity to test the Lady Blend ankle boots (which I loved and which I cannot recommend enough!).

So to vary the pleasures and allow me to blend in a little more with the crowd when I get off my motorcycle, I set my sights on the very beautiful x-BOULEVARD waterproof half boots. For what ? Because they promise, in addition to beautiful aesthetics and adequate protection, improved comfort thanks to a honeycomb insole.



The Biltwell Inc Lane Splitter Metallic helmet

I have always preferred helmets with a matte appearance, but now I have a little crush on the biltwell metallic helmet in bronze. Bordering on black, it is quite versatile and would go very well with my black and bronze ER6. It certainly looks a lot like astone Super Retro helmet that I was able to test (and who was my favorite in the best of editor 2018)... But it has a visor, which would sometimes be more practical for my use.

Biltwell Inc lane splitter metallic helmet

The Givi EA109B leg bag

The little extra accessory that would make my life a lot easier. Practical for quickly accessing your keys, your garage beep or even your papers, this givi leg bag also brings a little “Lara Croft” side which I really like. At 4.5/5 stars based on 48 reviews, this bag seems to be a sure value!

Givi EA109B leg bag

And finally, the extra addition for which we have the right to dream: a Triumph street twin. Little Santa Claus, if you can at least give my banker a kind word for me...

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A 26-year-old biker, I got my license in September 2015. After having explored the roads of the Paris region, I now travel the Montpellier region on the handlebars of my ER6N. I try to combine my everyday life with my biker identity!

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