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Black Friday 2019 is coming to Motoblouz

Black Friday 2019 on Motoblouz

Judiciously placed a few weeks after the first freshness, it has been several years since the Black Friday saves the day. It comes right at the moment when we say to ourselves: “Hey, maybe I need a warmer jacket, a helmet with an anti-fog system or a pair of heated gloves”. Get ready dear friends, it’s time to make your selection: the Black Friday 2019 is coming to Motoblouz. From Thursday, November 28 at 7 p.m. until Sunday, December 1 at 11:59 p.m., enjoy Extra 15% Off Sitewide (in addition to the promotions already present). Yes, the day to equip yourself without breaking the bank becomes a weekend, yeah! 

Selection total black for Black Friday 2019

The AllShot AIRV2 Airbag vest

THE airbag vest, it's typically the kind of equipment that we look at for several months, we inquire, we hesitate... And we prefer to wait for the ideal moment to finally get started and equip ourselves. Now available at -15%, this could well be the ideal time to equip yourself with the allShot AIRV2 airbag vest. And for information, know that this one, made in France, is in abrasion-resistant cordura with 3D Mesh lining for breathability. In terms of performance, it takes less than 140 ms!

Alpinestars FASTER 3 sneakers

Armed with side sliders, TPR inserts at the ankle and heel, and malleolus protectors: the alpinestars Faster 3 sneakers have the primary purpose of protecting you in the event of a fall... But, in comfort! Looking for a pair of versatile sneakers, super comfortable and yet equipped to ride? These include, for a weekend, our special Black Friday 2019 selection.

The Shoei NEOTEC 2 MATT helmet

Basically, the shoei Neotec 2 Matt helmet is rather well ventilated: it has air inlets at the forehead and chin, and air extractors at the back. In addition, it is equipped with a highly effective CNS-3 anti-fog system. So, whatever the temperature (external or body!): you have a good, clear and precise field of vision. And this modular has more than one trick under its cap: to discover in our selection black Friday 2019 special.

The Furygan SEKTOR jacket

In softshell, the furygan Sektor jacket offers good thermal insulation and protects against light rain. This is the kind of equipment that is good to have on hand or under your glove, to go to work every day on a motorcycle or to go for a quick run, without giving the impression of being hyper team. With its urban, relaxed style, it combines sobriety and protection.

Gerbing XRL heated gloves

Ah heated gloves, here we come! Waterproof, windproof, with optimal thermal insulation in Thinsulate, the gerbing XRL heated gloves have only one objective: to keep you warm all winter... Or even make you warm! They have the Microwire Pro system which diffuses heat evenly over the entire surface of the glove. If you're not sure you'll find them under the tree this year, it's time to treat yourself.

The Shark EVO ONE 2 KRONO helmet

Another modular, another anti-fog system (best ally for winter): the shark Evo One 2 helmet comes standard with Pinlock Max Vision film. This also has the system autoseal which places the screen on the helmet, for better soundproofing and complete sealing against water and cold. Perfect for optimizing your comfort all winter long.

The Bering FORCIO jacket

For leather lovers (with or without a mustache), the bering Forcio jacket incorporates a full aluminum thermal liner. Thus, it is not afraid of winter and is more intended for cold seasons. A jacket with dynamic lines, sporty, which will provide protection and comfort.

The Alpinestars BANSHEE pants 

What's more comfortable than leggings? Ladies, allow me to introduce you to your future best friend: the alpinestars Banshee pants. Leggings that incorporate protections at the hips and knees (CE level 1 certified), in addition to an aramid fiber lining for abrasion resistance. Alpinestars offers us, ladies, the ultimate in comfort mixed with protection. Available at a low price (plus!).

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