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These new 2019 technologies that will change your two-wheeling practice

New technologies 2019: motorcycle innovation

Contrary to what we imagined in the 70s and 80s, two-wheelers and cars continue to use traditional roads. Flying motorcycles are not yet a thing (well, not really). However, between the connected lights and the airbag vest, the latest innovations continue to make their way into the motorcycle world to improve your practice. Make it safer, more comfortable, more innovative. Back to the future: we present to you the new technologies 2019, and last motorcycle innovations available on Motoblouz .

New technologies 2019: 8 innovations for the bikers of tomorrow (and today)

1. The GPS TomTom rider 550 premium

TomTom rider 550 premiumIn 2004, TomTom launched its TomTom Go, premier portable navigation system aimed at the general public. With interactive road map to follow the movements of your vehicle. 15 years later, the good old TomTom has grown and evolved. So much so that today, the GPS TomTom rider 550 premium reads your messages aloud in your headset! But not only.

TomTom continues to guide you, and even takes you through the most exceptional roads in the world (which it updates via Wireless). It's always you who choose your route... But it gives you the choice among the most winding, steep roads, the choice of height difference and turns. It warns you of traffic jams and potential accidents, like its formidable competitor the smartphone. In fact, the GPS TomTom rider 550 stands up to the performance of smartphones, and also offers all the advantages of a GPS (waterproofing, use with gloves). We are far from the old TomTom Go.

2. The connected lights: Cosmo Connected

Cosmo connected lightsConnected lights, Cosmo Connected, are a personal safety accessory. In other words, they protect you, the biker, directly.

THE Cosmo connected do not replace the lights on your bike, they complement them. Removable, they adapt and attach to the back of all types of helmet. They act as deceleration, position and distress lights. The innovation is above all the fall detector: it automatically sends an alert to an emergency call center (associated with a subscription) which will be responsible for notifying emergency services in the event of an accident. An innovation that certainly makes your practice safer.

3. The airbag vest: Ixon Ix- airbag U03

Ixon AirbagWe stick to personal safety accessories with the ixon Ix airbag U03. Here no cable attached to the motorcycle: the Ixon vest is intended to be intelligent, autonomous (20 hours of autonomy), and rechargeable by USB cable. It actually works using on-board algorithms: it measures the position and movement of the biker 1000 times per second to detect any fall. And in the event of a fall, it inflates in less than 55 milliseconds. Its cushions protect the thorax, abdomen, spine, cervical and clavicle (integrated level 1 back).

The IN&BOX box, the brain of the system, is managed via application directly on your smartphone (payable by subscription or in one installment). The other innovation is its design: it is worn close to the body, under your jacket. Small, but strong.

4. The Sena SF4 intercom

Intercom Sena sf4 The intercom is a great innovation in itself. It allows communication between bikers, or passengers on the same bike, to listen to the radio or receive a call. But in terms of “security”, it is true that these characteristics are not optimal… At least, on the competition's intercoms.

L’sena SF4 intercom is equipped with the Overlay system which allows it to reduce the audio volume depending on events. For example, when your GPS warns you of a change of route: the intercom automatically reduces the volume of the music/radio you are listening to. This allows for better clarity of information. Connected, this intercom can be controlled via the dedicated Sena application.

5. The Tecno Globe anti-theft device with alarm

Tecno Globe Anti-TheftLet's move on to the safety of your beautiful one. L'anti-theft Tecno Globe TG 2005 Evolution is none other than an improvement, an evolution I would even say, of the well-known 2005 anti-theft device. Innovation? This is equipped with a motion detector (anti-lifting), it has a double alarm, audible and visual, and is available with 2 remote controls with evolving code (which constantly changes). If you lose the remote control, an emergency code will allow you to unlock it.

Tecno Globe has been working on motorcycle locks for 15 years to offer you, with its Evolution lock, a hyper-evolved high-end version.

6. The cardo Bluetooth hands-free kit for Shoei helmet

Intercom Cardo ShoeiAnother intercom, another innovation: the cardo hands-free kit is integrated into the Shoei helmet. The leader in Bluetooth communication systems and one of the leaders in headsets have merged to give us the benefit of the performance of each. This kit consists of two complementary, discreet units that attach under the Shoei helmet (sold separately).

Innovation is discretion... And the ease of use of this Bluetooth communication system (which is intended to be as modern as the competition with a 1.6 km range, communication for up to 9 people, and connectivity to smartphones).

7. The gerbing XRS12 gloves

Riding a motorcycle also means being directly confronted with outside temperatures. We equip ourselves with jackets, pants or even gloves to (among other things) keep warm... But for the commutes below -5°C in winter or roadtrips in cold regions, unfortunately, this is not always sufficient. Finally, that was without counting the arrival of the sacrosanct heated gloves which change the lives and warm the fingertips of many (cold) bikers.

THE gerbing XR12 gloves heat the entire length of the fingers, thumb and back of the hand. Only the palm is not subjected to heat. The innovation here is temperature control (3 heat levels): you will no longer be too hot or too cold, you will have the “temperature” that you choose. Little extra: these gloves connect to your motorcycle for an unlimited period of use.

8. The klim Badlands pro Gore-Tex jacket

klim Badlands pro jacketThere klim Badlands pro jacket is not AN innovation. It is a concentrate of innovations and new 2019 technologies. It brings together all the best in trail / GT / Touring equipment to allow you to face all conditions, all weather, and even the road.

840 denier Cordura nylon, Superfabric reinforcements on the shoulders, elbows and forearms, Ripstop 500D Karbonite panels on the impact zones, level 2 protections on the elbows, shoulders and back. All this is "only" for the resistance to abrasion and tearing, and your protection. There klim Badlands pro jacket is also equipped with a Gore-Tex Pro membrane which offers the highest level of waterproofing, breathability and comfort in the world of membranes. Finally, it is hyper ventilated, waterproof, and adapts to your body shape. Comfort, protection, versatility: it's, let's say, the best of the best in terms of innovations. A little gem of technology.

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