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Racer : 50 years of motorcycle glove history

Between the first motorcycle gloves that appeared in the 70s at Racer and the current range from the French manufacturer, there is a world of difference! A quick dive into the most significant stages that have marked the history of motorcycle gloves.

1970 - First Racer motorcycle gloves

The motorcycle glove in its simplest form. Winter version stuffed in the background.

1970s: First motorcycle Racer gloves

After a success in the ski glove that made its name known, Racer launches into motorcycle gloves. Like their competitors of the time, the Racer gloves remain of a very simple design. Made of fine leather for greater flexibility, they are subject to few safety-related features: long cuffs for insulation, but total absence of protective reinforcements, pre-forming, reinforced seams. Winter gloves are filled with wool or synthetic to improve protection against the cold.

1982 - Racer heated motorcycle gloves

The first heated gloves from Racer are also the first heated gloves on the motorcycle market!

1982: First heated gloves

Racer innovates with a pair of heated gloves that are technically not so far away modern models. The resistance system will stand the test of time! It is powered by the motorcycle battery, via a network of cables to be connected to the electrical circuit. Jack sockets make it easy to disconnect the gloves upon arrival at your destination, and a handlebar switch is provided to adjust the heating power.

1990 - Vintage Racer motorcycle gloves

Vintage has been popular for a while. As proof, these old-fashioned motorcycle gloves, dated 1990

1990: Vintage already in place

These gloves intended for motorcyclists riding old or custom motorcycles combine knitted textile and soft leather on the palm side. The beginnings of vintage motorcycle glove ! Very ventilated, they prevent blisters more than they protect against a possible mess...

2000 - Racer waterproof and insulating gloves

The 2000s saw the appearance of modern comfort in motorcycle gloves

2000: Modern comfort enters the history of motorcycle gloves

Textile is gaining ground on winter gloves for its ability to absorb water. THE modern comfort initiated in the field of skiing is indeed increasingly being used in motorcycle gloves. These, dated 2000, thus have a membrane Hipora waterproof and breathable, which makes them completely water resistant. A liner Primaloft traps air for superior insulation. Protection progresses with soft foam inserts on the back of the hand to absorb shocks and double stitching for greater resistance.

2008 - Racer dynamic gtx

Four generations of the same pair of winter gloves, the Racer Dynamic Gore-Tex

2008 and after: Protection now becomes the norm

Gloves are entering an era where protection is at the center of design. If the shape no longer evolves too much until today – two years apart each generation of the Racer Dynamic GTX pictured here, from the most recent on the left to the initial model on the right – standardization has made its way. The choice of materials, their assembly, the arrangement of reinforcements, everything is today subject to controls so that security is maximum.


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