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Pimp My Helmet Winners Day

Following the launch of competition " Pimp my helmet« , Motoblouz received nearly 250 designs, between the beginning of September and mid-October. All took as an imposed basis several helmets from the range Dexter :

An exceptional jury met to select the winners of Pimp my helmet, reviewing the different designs anonymously. This explains why there were 3 winners and not 4. In fact, two of the achievements are to the credit of the same person. Talent, we tell you!

Day of celebration

This is how this Friday, February 15, 2019, the pimp My Helmet winners were invited to spend the day at the Motoblouz premises in Carvin. They were finally able to discover their designs applied to the dexter helmets, and celebrate their victory with the teams.

Only 2 of the 3 winners were present, Adrien and Jérémy. The 3rd, also named Adrien, is excused: it is not always easy to free yourself when you are in the army...

As we know how to welcome in the North, we dedicated a full day to them. After a breakfast which gave everyone the opportunity to introduce themselves, the pimp My Helmet winners were given a tour of the “ Paddock ”, the Motoblouz headquarters.

Visit to the Motoblouz premises in Carvin

Visit to the Motoblouz premises in Carvin

Visit to Motoblouz for the winners of Pimp My Helmet

After a quick history of the company in the paddock hall, our 2 winners toured the entire building.

A quick tour of the Motoblouz offices

Visit to the Motoblouz premises for the winners of Pimp My Helmet

Passage through the Carvin shop to then access the huge logistics area. Today, more than 5,800 packages were sent to customers! Then, a quick tour of the offices and a behind-the-scenes look at the site. The opportunity to meet all the people who ensure that Motoblouz .com always remains on top, and that your orders are always processed with care, as quickly as possible.

A quick stop by customer service, just to see how customer phone calls and emails are handled, then the team set off for the “ Fricadelle motors“, the Motoblouz bar. Here, they were finally able to discover the helmets “in real”… and share a glass of champagne.

The winners of Pimp My Helmet at the Motoblouz premises

The winners of Pimp My Helmet at the Motoblouz premises (Warning: alcohol abus is dangerous for your health – even more so with your hands on the handlebars!)

Discovery of helmets

Charles, the head of the dexter brand presented our two winners, Adrien and Jérémy, with their helmets. He also discussed the constraints faced by them in order for the designs to become real helmet decorations, such as modifying certain colors or making some adjustments to the patterns.

Only the dexter Element helmet adorned with Adrien's second design could not be presented because it was still in production. However, Charles had brought with him several photos showing the jet helmet with its decoration, inspired by the helmets of Russian cosmonauts from the 1960s.

Showcasing the Pimp My Helmet Winners’ Designs

Presentation of the designs (present and absent!) of the Pimp My Helmet winners

Beyond the artistic exercise, these helmets will indeed be mass produced by summer. On social networks, many of you reacted enthusiastically to the first photos... So, keep your eyes peeled, you will be able to get these helmets within a few months!

At noon, everyone went to a bistro in Carvin. The bistro is run by a lover of fine mechanics (obviously!), so it was an opportunity to share a Flemish stew and talk about, you guessed it, motorbikes!

Brainstorming with the Dexter teams

Back at the Motoblouz premises, the winners of Pimp my helmet were invited to a workshop in the brand's offices, where the dexter brand helmets and equipment DXR.

Big session brainstorming in a good mood, led by Charles, the brand manager. With other people from other Motoblouz departments (after-sales service, customer service, etc.), it was an opportunity for our two winners to share their ideas regarding the upcoming Dexter helmets. It was not just about design, but above all it was about sharing ideas and points of view regarding the interior design of helmets.

One of the winning designs in the Pim My Helmet competition

One of the winning designs in the Pim My Helmet competition

Remember that Dexter helmets are designed in France, in Carvin, in the Motoblouz premises workshop. The brand makes a point of gathering as many opinions as possible to design its equipment. And this kind of workshop is the very illustration of what advances the equipment offered.

This is also the way the brand's designers do things. By bringing together the opinions and experiences of different users and people, sometimes even from backgrounds that are not linked to the world of motorcycle equipment, ideas arise just like innovative solutions.

On the agenda was the question of interior design of helmets. How to increase the interior comfort of a helmet? how to improve its practical aspects, its safety, its aesthetics, or even how to facilitate its maintenance?

Inspiration sometimes comes where you least expect it. And that's the whole point of these moments of exchange with outsiders, who don't have their heads in the handlebars!

End of the day

The afternoon passed quickly. Normal when we exchange between enthusiasts! Our two winners Pimp my helmet went back home, both coming from far enough to meet us.

One of the winning designs from the Pimp My Helmet competition

One of the winning designs from the Pimp My Helmet competition

In addition to the vouchers put into play and the usual goodies Motoblouz , they will each receive a copy of their Dexter helmet very soon. Yes, the models presented to them were only prototypes. Impossible to drive with it, for safety reasons!

Still a few months to wait. Just like for you, if you wish to purchase one of the helmets decorated by pimp My Helmet winners !

Red version, here is one of the winning designs in the Pimp My Helmet competition

Red version, here is one of the winning designs in the Pimp My Helmet competition

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