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Video: the Sena SF intercom range

To communicate between passengers or between 2 motorcycles, there are not 36 different solutions: either you shout through the helmet, or you invest in a good intercom system. Here at Motoblouz , the choice is quickly made, especially when you see the quality of the Sena SF range, and in particular its models. SF2 and SF4.

We are so convinced of the products that we made a video of them. Today, it's Charlotte who presents you all the advantages of the two new products from the Korean brand.

Sena SF2 and SF4 intercoms

Return of buttons for the SF2 and SF4 models of the Sena brand! While many intercoms today have dials, many users will no doubt welcome the presence of good old “old school” buttons. The price is totally affordable : no need to break the bank to be able to communicate with your traveling partner.

But the good points of these two intercoms fortunately do not stop there. Let us summarize in a few points all the advantages of the two beasts.

A well thought-out audio system

Very often, for “multitasking” intercoms, the sound level of the different inputs (mp3, call, GPS, etc.) is the same. Here at Sena , the good idea is that the volume of the different applications is modulated depending on the circumstances. For example, when you change direction indicated by the GPS, the sound of your music will automatically reduce. This results in a much more natural result to the ear.

Excellent autonomy

Let's be frank: we didn't take out the chrono to verify the manufacturer's claims. But on paper, it's very attractive: no less than 13 hours of conversation possible, and only 1h30 to fully recharge both devices.

In the event of a break on your journey, 30 minutes of charging is enough to obtain 4 hours of autonomy. Isn't life beautiful?

Differences between SF1, SF2 and SF4

The 3 models from the Sena brand have notable differences. We will focus on the SF2 and the SF4 because the SF1 is not a real intercom, but more of a hands-free kit.

The SF2 offers him the possibility of chatting with his passenger. With her range of no less than 800 meters, you will obviously be able to chat with another motorcycle, or at least with its rider.

For its part, SF4 is aimed at those who want to discuss up to 4 people. You also gain in range since this model goes up to 1.2 km distance (except interference).

Is this clear to you friends? If you have any questions, it's down below, in the comments!

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  1. Annaelle april 10, 2024 at 08:52 Answer

    Hello Charlotte and thank you for your article on the Sena SF2/4.

    I was wondering a question, maybe you can answer it... for a long time I walked around behind my father, in my trusty backpack. The SF2s suited us perfectly. Only, I have just passed my motorcycle license, and my mother may take my place as passenger... My question is, if I buy an SF4, is it possible to connect to two SF2s, which themselves would be connected together?

    Thank you in advance for your response,


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