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MX Days Motoblouz #1: things are heating up at Loon-Plage!

Monday September 17 was the premier MX Days Motoblouz x Pirelli at Loon-Plage. Yeah, the name is a dream. We imagine sand as far as the eye can see, a bright sun, and wrinkled, of wrinkled, of wrinkled. To tell you the truth, that was a bit like the program for the day! Plus, friendliness, a good dose of mechanics, and motocross improvement techniques that all riders will remember. For sure.

Welcome to the premier MX Days Motoblouz x Pirelli

Welcome to the premier MX Days Motoblouz x Pirelli

Start of the day: hot croissants, sun and goodies for everyone at MX Days Motoblouz #1

8 a.m.: there are people around Anne Laure’s hot croissants. THE MX Days Motoblouz x Pirelli #1 obviously starts with a good breakfast, just to gain strength. Each participant is also given a kenny MX jersey, created for the occasion, and goodies Motoblouz and Pirelli , before joining the workshops.

MX Days Motoblouz #1 with Kenny jerseys

All riders were given an MX Kenny jersey for the occasion

Team #EnjoyTheRide at MX Days Motoblouz

Team Motoblouz #EnjoyTheRide represents!

9 a.m.: all drivers are on the circuit for a good warm-up. And yes, you have to stretch your wheels! For the occasion, the Loon-Plage circuit is divided into several workshops, supervised by our coaches Alexandre Morel and David Hauquier, and two riders from Team Honda SR Motoblouz, Richard Fura and Stéphane Watel. On the program: discovery for some, improvement techniques for practicing motocross on sand for others. The temperature gradually rises under the helmets... Just like the difficulty of the workshops which intensify during the morning. Yes guys: we're not here to make sandcastles!

Motoblouz at MX Days Motoblouz x Pirelli

There’s a pilot on Loon-Plage!

MX Days Motoblouz : cross and sand

On the MX Days Motoblouz program? Improvement techniques for practicing motocross in the sand.

12:30 p.m.: a sweet smell of grilled meat escapes from the paddock , and from the Comptoir Volant food truck. It's time to let the machines rest, to fill hungry stomachs, and above all to talk about this busy morning. All the pilots, whatever their level, are gathered around a good table to discuss the morning's exercises in a friendly atmosphere. It’s also an opportunity to pick up some good leads to give it your all in the afternoon…

Food Truck the flying counter at MX Days Motoblouz #1

A sweet smell of grilled meat escapes from the paddock !

Moment of conviviality at MX Days Motoblouz x Pirelli

12:30 p.m.: all the pilots gather around some good grilled meat to exchange some good news!

End of the day: aches and smiles for everyone!

2 p.m.: we get back in the saddle! Before the exercises resume, some pilots take a look at the sound level meter, in preparation for the technical inspection of the Beach Cross at Bercq. Others take the opportunity to leave their machine in the expert fingers of Val Racing, which provides the mechanical service for this mX Days Motoblouz x Pirelli.

Then the activities resume on the sand... Nothing like it for digestion! The afternoon is punctuated by new workshops, then by the organization of a small round on the entire circuit. The opportunity to do a “Le Mans” type start for fun… And to exhaust the last strength we have left in our legs.

Mx days Motoblouz #1

Piloting discovery and improvement course… on sand at Loon-Plage!

MX Days Motoblouz x Pirelli

The temperature is rising under the helmets… Just like the difficulty of the MX Days Motoblouz workshops

At the end of the day, everyone leaves with the impression of having progressed a lot in driving techniques. Some have discovered a way to tire less on damaged terrain, others have improved their speed through turns. We see a lot of fatigue in the eyes of our pilots... But also big smiles on their faces! See you next year, or maybe before…?

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