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Driving courses: De Radiguès Rider School partner of Motoblouz

From radiguès rider school

There From radiguès rider school, you know ? It is with this famous riding school for bikers of all levels that Motoblouz is a partner. We'll explain why we chose it and we'll see you in April on the Vigeant circuit!

We all know it, discovering the track is undoubtedly one of the most enriching experiences on a motorcycle...However, letting go like a savage for the duration of a ride is not the best way to learn as much as possible from this experience.

For that, nothing is worth a good driving course supervised by experienced trainers and teachers. There, you make a real leap in terms of technique, and you remove a lot of apprehensions which poison your motorcycle outings. And then you finally learn to grate that damn slider !

Radiguès rider school instructors 2018

The instructors from the De Radiguès Rider School strike a pose. There's something delicious!

Motoblouz partner of the De Radiguès Rider school

Since encouraging you to practice motorcycling in the best conditions is engraved in our genes, we have partnered with a driving school. And not just any: the De Radiguès Rider School, or DRRS for the close friends ! On the most beautiful circuits in France for motorcycles, the DRRS offers its driving courses intended for pilots of all levels.

To celebrate this partnership, Motoblouz organizes in collaboration with the DRRS two days of training on the Vigeant circuit (Vienne – 86) on April 24 and 25, 2018.
A good part of the Motoblouz team will be present on site, just to share this moment which is as fun as it is enriching. We are also planning a few surprises throughout the two days 😉

We count on you !

And then as it should be, we equip DRRS trainers with dXR equipment that we develop internally. Because they too are entitled to the best!

DRRS Briefing

During the briefing, we make an essential theoretical point about the next outing

A team of enthusiasts who know what they are talking about

With just over ten years of existence, the DRRS has become a reference among flight schools. If you are a GP fan, you probably know the one who gave it its name, Didier de radiguès, who can boast of having racked up four victories in the 80s. That gives you a bit of an idea of ​​the guy's level of expertise!

And because, as at Motoblouz , passion leads the way at the DRRS, most instructors made a name for themselves in competition before monitoring amateur and experienced pilots. Many stay active and chase the podium every weekend, or almost. We will only cite the example of Xavier Simeon, who will start in MotoGP this season within the Avintia Racing team. A great reference, right?

Of course, being a good pilot is not enough to properly supervise a piloting course. Reason why the instructors who will follow you throughout the training are state certified as professional sports educators.

rental R1 driving courses

You can rent a brand new R1 on site, but the ideal is to ride your own motorcycle

What is a DRRS piloting course?

First of all, a driving course has nothing to do with a day of driving. Even if you spend a lot of time on the circuit, the purpose is mainly educational. Without training, you will quickly notice that gaining speed will be synonymous with taking risks. However, the most effective and safest progression is based on greater control of the motorcycle.

Because who says controlling the motorcycle means automatically smoother driving and better understanding of the situation. Skills that are as essential on the track as on the road… And for that, there’s no secret, you have to get advice from professionals!

The De Radiguès Rider School offers complete driving courses, combining educational workshops, training and personalized debriefings.

Over one or two days, you will build your experience by following:

  • Of the educational workshops with video support;
  • many workouts twenty minutes;
  • of the personalized debriefings (including four on video);
  • an (optional) private coaching session radio-guided and filmed on an on-board camera, the Duo- Run ;
  • of the video footage ;
  • a workshop « track playback " walk.

THE main areas for improving your technique will be covered by the instructors:

  • THE tires on track
  • Your position on the motorcycle
  • The trajectories to follow in curves
  • The position of the gaze
  • Curve entry speed
  • Braking-downshifting
  • Suspension settings
  • Points of reference to take
  • engine speed
The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly

The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. It chatters whenever the opportunity presents itself!

Days dedicated to sport and good humor

Ok, the objective of a driving course is to progress. But we're not here to hurt each other either! You will see that conviviality is the key word of these days. No one looks down on you if you're not comfortable, and contacts are easily made with other drivers.

Besides, you can come with whoever you want. And then the first circuit behind one of the DRRS drivers is offered, excellent news for your cardiologist!

So tempted by the experience? We let you take a look at the dRRS website, where you will find all the additional useful information about internships and dates of open sessions. One thing is certain: we hope to ride with you on April 24 and 25 at Vigeant!

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