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Biker gift idea: The Motard Society box

Giving the right gift to a biker, even when you are a biker yourself, is not an easy task... An observation which gave rise to the idea of ​​the gift box among the little guys from Motard Society, the new partners from Motoblouz . What is the Motard Society box set? We explain it all to you here!

Motard Society suggests that you delegate the brain-wringing that is required of you to find the gift that your biker friend will really like. Targeted by universe, the Motard Society boxes bring together products and accessories adapted to desires and needs of those who indulge in their passion. With a minimum of knowledge of the practice of the friend in question, you are sure to hit the mark!

The Motard Society boxes will advantageously replace the tasteless gift card, or even the “unusual weekend” packages, which often end up expired at the bottom of a drawer… The choice of products that it contains is relevant and of good quality, biker faith!

And if you like to give yourself nice surprises, you can definitely subscribe to receive a Motard Society box up to four times a year in your mailbox. Just like that, out of the blue! Never as well served as by yourself, they said!

Tired of giving flowers or yet another box that will never be used? For Mother's/Father's Day, think about the Motard Society box!!! #mothersday #hopesday #gift

Published by Motoblouz on Tuesday May 23, 2017

The different universes

  • Box Roadster: For those who ride every day or go for a weekend ride
  • Custom Box: For fans of American twins full of chrome and the like
  • Vintage box: The box designed for lovers of old machines and other café racers
  • Off-road box: For those who practice off-roading as an amateur or in competition
  • Sports Box: The box for those for whom motorcycling rhymes with adrenaline and pure speed

Do you want to know more about the different boxes and their specificities? We send you directly to the Motard Society website !

What can you find in a Motard Society box?

In each box, the recipient of the gift will discover products and accessories adapted to their practice and their world. Some examples of eligible products:

  • Of the maintenance products for your motorcycle or equipment (e.g.: polishers, chain spray, etc.);
  • Of the'motorcycle equipment (Ex: gloves, neck warmers, etc.);
  • Of small tools, type assortment of keys, protective gloves, etc. ;
  • Of the motorcycle press specialized;
  • Of the tips in the Motard Society booklet;

Besides the assurance of pleasing, the other news is that you will touch all of this cheaper (at least 30% less) than if you ordered the products independently and put them yourself in a box – which will probably not be as classy as the Motard Society box!

The Motoblouz Biker Society box

At Motoblouz , we found the idea of ​​the Motard Society box attractive, and we therefore decided to contribute to the last Box, in which we provided a certain number of products from our brands (DXR, Kooroom, O4B, etc.) We let you discover in the gallery what you will be lucky enough to find there if you receive it 😉

> Discover the Motard Society offers in detail

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