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The CM video selection: Bikers and good Samaritans

Bikers and good Samaritans in video

Lending a hand to a broken down motorist, sharing a moment of complicity with a passing toddler or saving a kitten risking its life in the middle of the road, that's also what being a biker is all about... PEB has selected a few videos that illustrate our good daily actions on the handlebars!

Fast, noisy, protesting... We bikers don't always have good press with motorists, and more broadly among our contemporaries. However, we are often the first to lend a hand to a broken down road user, or to make a kid smile by giving a gas at a red light!

Often more alert than the motorist isolated in his cabin, the motorcyclist can slip into the right place at the right time, and easily get off his machine to help his neighbor. Ultimately, wouldn't the motorcyclist be the most civic-minded of road users?

Throughout his wanderings on social networks, PEB, the community manager of Motoblouz , noted some videos quite revealing of this spirit... Did you recognize yourself in them? Does this bring back any other memories? Tell us about your motorcycle philanthropic experiences!

The selected videos:

1 / This friendly biker moves a bulky package that fell from a vehicle off the road

2 / This caring biker saves the life of a terrified kitten stuck in the middle of a boulevard

3 / A British motorcyclist introduces a little passerby to the pleasures of the accelerator handle

4 / MotArtDeRue lends a hand to an old lady in a wheelchair by helping her climb the edge of the sidewalk

5 / An American motorcyclist frees a motorist stuck in her car following an accident


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Editor and tester for Motoblouz , I am an unconditional fan of roads with bends. For me, the motorcycle is a means of escape as well as a means of transport.

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  1. Robby february 5, 2016 at 08:10 Answer

    Cuckoo. Thank you very much for sharing these
    videos. It warms my heart to see that bikers are ready to do anything to
    help others !