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Electric motorcycle video: Brammo shakes up the thermal with its Empulse RR

Icon once again graces us with one of these videos of which the American brand has the secret to highlight the products of its new Hypersport collection: beautiful roads, big accelerations, big angles, big wheelings, in two words: big Watts! And it’s about Watts in the literal sense… The motorcycles that you see being driven with talent by the two official riders of the Icon Brammo team (Ben Bostrom and Shane Turpin) are none other than Empulse RR, the flagship of the electric sports car.

Electricity is gaining momentum…

Big Watts, ok, but what about “traditional” sports cars? As such, the American site puts his finger on a spicy subject: these electric hyper sports cars could, according to him, foreshadow the future of motorcycle racing, in the shorter term than we imagine! When we take a look at the electrifying (mouarf) performance of these machines, the question really arises. On famous tracks like the Tourist Trophy, each year, the difference with the times of “traditional” thermal motorcycles diminishes. And on theAHRMA Sound of Thunder, an event cited by in his article on the subject, A Ducati 1199 Panigale was completely relegated to second place, behind a Brammo Empulse RR… A page has been turned?

Greater room for progress on the electric side

What's more, electric motor/battery assemblies benefit from very recent large-scale development, which involves budgets for the moment out of proportion to the astronomical sums allocated to thermal power. We can legitimately expect much greater margins of progress in the years to come on the electric side. Over the last three years, the site adds that there are more and more production electric motorcycles on the starting grid of the eRoadRacing World Cup (main international competition dedicated to electric motorcycles), and that their performance is credible. With, in the long term, total domination of electricity?

Pragmatism or emotion?

There remains the emotional dimension of “mechanics, the real one”, full of sludge, vibrations, noises. But pragmatism could well prevail, as the 4-stroke prevailed over the 2-stroke, overhead camshafts over side valves, and the sealed oil pan over waste oil lubrication...

In short, we're not there yet... For the moment, let yourself be carried away by this great video which features the upcoming Icon collection, amidst the whistling of electric motors!

Photos Brammo and Icon

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