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GECO, the French motorcycle of tomorrow!

Officially presented at the last Motorcycle and Scooter Show while still in the development phase, the GECO is now reaching the final stages of field testing. The opportunity to return to this collaborative track motorcycle which can only raise optimism!

2014, year of the revival of French motorcycles? We recently talked about the Motoblouz Facebook page the upcoming return of the French brand Midual. But other machines from France have also appeared in recent months, like the GECO. This sports car designed for the track escapes in every way what you have seen so far on the circuits: technical solutions used, development methodologies, economic model, the Geco does nothing like everyone else!

A project put on track by Éric Offenstadt

The initial idea came from Éric Offenstadt, a famous car/motorcycle pilot in the 70s. Faithful to his desire to optimize the technology of the motorcycles on which he raced throughout his career on the circuits, the pilot /engineer wishes to develop a machine that goes beyond the technical limits of current machine cycle parts. He is thinking about a motorcycle with homokinetic geometry, that is to say "whose elements connecting to the ground (i.e. the tires) constantly evolve at the same speed, regardless of the movements of the suspensions", as he explains. himself. Such an architecture would in fact make it possible to gain traction and braking while saving tires by 40% compared to the conventional telescopic fork + rear swinging arm formula.

The GECO, a homokinetic motorcycle

The GECO project was launched at the beginning of 2013. With the help of 24 engineering students from the University of Montpellier, it develops a homokinetic telescopic fork which, associated with a rear transmission also homokinetic, makes it possible to get rid of parasitic movements – generators of additional effort for the motorcycle – whatever the position, when accelerating or braking. In addition to the front and rear shock absorbers, a third central shock absorber controls the center of gravity... The whole thing, which we were able to admire at the last Paris Motorcycle Show, is articulated around a tubular trellis frame. aluminum house, and powered by a Yamaha R1 engine kindly offered by Yamaha.

A collaborative and associative project

But in addition to this impressive new technical situation which makes a clean sweep of the past, GECO is also a human adventure. The motorcycle is in fact at the center of an association, ProGECO, the aim of which is to allow pilots to ride “GECO” as quickly as possible. It therefore strives to make the project widely known, with a view to attracting new partners and arousing the interest of new members and other benefactors. Thanks to the involvement of the latter, the machine was able to see the light of day and take part in several test sessions on the track. The latest one took place in Rivesaltes to de-worm (eliminate the youthful defects) of the GECO…

You too, help GECO move forward!

It is particularly exciting to see that such an idealistic project goes beyond the stage of simple sketches these days, and that it even turns out to be truly successful, as evidenced by the first tests on the track. So successful that the GECO could one day compete… But there is still a long way to go, and your help in the form of personal investment or donation could well tip the scales, or even change the shape of the motorcycle of tomorrow! Support the GECO project!

GECO in the hands of Freddie Spencer:

The GECO in test driving on the Roussillon circuit:

Thanks to Patrice Altazin

Pictures Progeco, Luc Jennepin, Baygon Black and Motoblouz

April 2015: Laurent Cochet tries the GECO!

The GECO is invited to the starting grid of the 38th edition of the 24 hours of Le Mans Moto! A few days before departure, Laurent Cochet features a short, fun and educational presentation video of this UFO of the French racing motorcycle. See below!

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