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Video: Tigerman, the Don Quixote of motorcycle stunts

Tigerman, the Don Quixote of motorcycle stunts

Fed up. We can't get enough of these muscular motorcycle stunters, who handle their monster of power with unparalleled skill... Fortunately, there is Tigerman, the champion of all categories of self-deprecation. Hilarious !

How could such a pearl have escaped our notice?
Like all self-respecting stunters, the Finns from Stuntfreakteam like big watts, beautiful tricks stunt, sexy motorcycles and fit girls... However, they sometimes challenge these standards of the genre.

The proof with this video from 2013, featuring Tigerman, the Don Quixote stunters, dressed in his noble cape, ready for any exploits aboard his two-stroke rocket to impress his girlfriend...

Video: Tigerman in action!

Clean staging, schoolboy humor, lots of trash, no seriousness: we loved it! And you ?

And since we like you, we found you the premier part of Tigerman. Treat yourself !

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