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5 cool Japanese motorcycles not imported into France

Honda VTR 250

Did you know that many motorcycles designed in Japan are exclusively dedicated to the Japanese market? Discover some very nice indigenous machines, which we would love to see arrive in France!

Japan, a mythical land where many of the motorcycles that are the subject of our passion are imagined… But did you know that many models are exclusively dedicated to the Japanese market? Discover some that we would happily imagine in our garage.

Honda VTR 250: A classic remodeled regularly

Classic in the land of the rising sun, the little VTR 250 was recently remodeled. For a small displacement, it boasts a high-end positioning with its steel trellis frame worthy of (inspired?) a Ducati Monster, its liquid-cooled twin and its high-end finish. Available in roadster and semi-faired versions, it displays a friendly look which would allow it to attract young drivers as well as the most experienced. A first in class, which charges a high price for its prestige: in Japan, it can be tamed for €4,425.00… Ouch!
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Suzuki GS1200SS

The Suzuki GS1200SS returns to Japan in 2014

Suzuki GS1200SS: Back for 2014

This reissue of a machine produced in the 80s only concerns the Japanese. Yes, for them, driving legally in 1200 is a recent opportunity, which pushes certain manufacturers like Suzuki to bring out a “more virile” version of the machines formerly limited to a cylinder capacity of 750 cm³. The Suzuki GS1200SS features the 4-cylinder air/oil engine generous in power and torque from the Bandit 1200. A sure value, whose sportiness is especially reinforced by this fork head adorned with two very vintage optics, which gives it a street racer look.

Kawasaki Estrella 400

The pretty Kawasaki Estrella 400

Kawasaki 400 Estrella: The other vintage from Kawa

Fans of monos undoubtedly know its 250 cm³ ancestor, distributed in France in the 90s. Imagine that the little Estrella in 400 cm³ version finds a place among Kawasaki dealers in 2014… still in Japan. Too bad, because this charming and economical machine has no shortage of arguments to interest a growing number of urban dwellers looking for a simple and somewhat charismatic vehicle. And then she would not be alone on this market, since the Yamaha SR 400 made its comeback at the Paris Motor Show ! For 2015, then, Mr. Kawasaki?
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Yamaha XJR 400

The Yamaha XJR 400, faithful replica of the 1300 of the same name

Yamaha XJR 400: The 1300, Japanese market version

Small displacements reign supreme in the land of the rising sun... Taxation of large cubes obliges, the 400 cm³ take the lion's share, and many of the higher displacement motorcycles as we know them in Europe are available in 400 cm³ versions in the Japan. This is the case of the Yamaha XJR, whose 400 model would clearly deceive everyone at premier glance: it looks exactly like its big sister 1300. Although this impressive but economical motorcycle is no longer available in the Yam JP catalog, it remains a reference on site.
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Honda super cub 110

The Honda Super Cub 110, more than 60 years in the Honda catalog

Honda Super Cub 110: The most produced land vehicle

Because there is something for everyone and because for my part I have boundless admiration for these small, indestructible utility vehicles, I would like to end this non-exhaustive list with the Honda Super Cub 110. A historic descendant of the 1958 Honda Cub, this modest, very sober two-wheeler occupies the enviable position of the most produced land vehicle in the world, with nearly 70 million units recorded since the launch of the series. Respect ! Available in France, the Honda Wave 110i can play a comparable role.
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And you, which of these machines would you like to see yourself on?

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