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Motorcycle Airbag , GPS, etc. : Do you find them useful?

Riderscan, the FEMA investigation

Motorcycle GPS, airbag vests, adaptive lighting, ABS… STIs, these new technologies for the safety of motorized two-wheelers, are becoming increasingly important each year. Superfluous accessories or real advances for motorcycle safety? FEMA is asking for your motorcyclist opinion!

Passive driver safety, electronic braking management system, lighting and visibility, etc. : motorcyclists are already all concerned by ITS, Intelligent Transportation Systems. Sometimes available for several decades likeMotorcycle ABS, or still in the development phase like the systems of head-up vision, new technologies for the safety of motorized two-wheelers seem destined to take on even greater importance in the near future.

FEMA Riderscan: The European survey on Intelligent Transport Systems

There FEMA, European Federation of Motorcycle Associations (not to be confused with the GEMA !), wish assess what motorcyclists in the European Union think of each of these technologies. It has therefore just published a complete survey, in which any owner of a motorized two-wheeler is invited to participate. The study will compensate for the lack of in-depth research in this area.

Evaluate the usefulness of future motorcycle equipment

All technologies related to handlebar safety are subject to your opinion. From “essential for safety” to “dangerous” to “useful”, you can gauge the relevance of each.

As you might expect, FEMA first asks you to describe your motorcycle or scooter user profile in a few check boxes, but don't worry, everything remains anonymous. Let's not miss this opportunity to express ourselves in a premier investigation, including the results will undoubtedly be examined with interest by European decision-makers…

The link to access the French version of the survey: FEMA Riderscan


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