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#Fish: The “Happy Hour” feature soon available on Calimoto

Happy hour function of the calimoto route app

Good news for your wallet, you will be able to pay for your tour more often thanks to Calimoto. This roadbook planning and guidance app well known to bikers for its routes rich in turns from today offers a new, very user-friendly feature called “Happy hour”.

I don't know about you, but as far as I'm concerned, I like to end a motorcycle ride with a little fresh foam. Nothing like it to evoke with the necessary bad faith the feats of arms of the day between girlfriends and trip buddies... We all know that alcohol and motorbikes don't go well together. But once you arrive at your destination, the question of blood alcohol content becomes less pressing, unlike that of urination.

Enjoy ongoing happy hours on your route

By crossing the schedules of happy hours pre-recorded by community members with the probability of matching question timing of passage with your group of bikers, the Calimoto algorithm notifies you of the bars that most deserve a break. The readability of the information is maximum thanks to the marker decorated with a pictogram of a pint of beer overflowing with foam.

Those who often pay for their tour will appreciate it!

A Calimoto feature gradually deployed

To take advantage of it, nothing could be simpler: just check the box in the application settings.
Small subtlety, the “Happy hour” functionality is only aimed at groups of bikers. “ At least two bikers in your group must use the application at the same time for the functionality to really work. », explains Sebastian F. Dambek, CEO of Calimoto. “ We would not want to encourage alcohol consumption among bikers. And yet, beer is almost a religion in Germany. »

Can't find the "Happy hour" slider in Calimoto settings? Don't worry, the feature is currently being rolled out. “ Updates will be offered gradually over the coming hours to limit server load », adds the Director of Calimoto. “ Until then, turn to software instead. »


Alcohol abus is dangerous for your health, consume in moderation.

A biker app that encourages alcohol consumption? A bit big, right? We hope that our April Fool's Day 2023 will have made you smile. And for a few more laughs, take a look at our April Fools years gone by!

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