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The Liberty Rider application partners with MACIF

Liberty Rider, nicknamed “the guardian angel of the road”, remember? This mobile application developed by a Toulouse start-up aims to support motorcyclists in the good practice of their passion: fall detection and alerting emergency services (its primary vocation), history of journeys taken, maintenance logbook, etc. In short , it becomes almost indispensable and brings together to this day the largest community of bikers in France. It's not for nothing that the application integrated the Motoblouz Lab from its launch!

A Liberty Rider/MACIF alliance

During the recent Mondial Paris Motor Show, which brought together the automobile and motorcycle shows, the Liberty Rider team announced a partnership with MACIF, an insurance company well known to motorcyclists since it is the premier insurer of 2 wheels in France. The opportunity for users of the application to discover new features, since October 4.

Concretely, MACIF members for their motorcycle contract and users of the application will be offered one year of Premium subscription. They will also have access to a great new feature: Taxi Rider, an exclusive service which will give injured motorcyclists access to two repatriations per year within a 50 km radius in the event of their inability to drive.

And Emmanuel Petit, CEO of Liberty Rider, rejoices: “ Working in partnership with a group like MACIF is a real opportunity for us. MACIF being the premier 2-wheel insurer in France, this considerably strengthens our actions. Furthermore, this collaboration makes it possible to reach and protect a wider population: all MACIF 2-wheel members will be able to benefit from a solution that could save their lives. MACIF has been able to grasp and understand the needs of our users. The result is an innovative product placing safety and prevention at the heart of 2-wheeler insurance contracts. »

For our part, at Motoblouz , we will continue to support this beautiful application that we recommend to all bikers, amateurs and experienced alike!

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