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Motorcycle apps: The 2018 selection of #EnjoyTheRide

Motorcycle apps 2018

Of the motorcycle apps, there are plenty of them. However, it's not always easy to find good ones among the hundreds of racing games of random quality... After hours of scrolling, at the cost of a dislocated thumb, we ended up selecting 5 nice and/or useful apps for which ride a motorbike!

Since you certainly already have installed the 5 apps that we extracted from the crowd for you two years ago (including Liberty Rider, which we support within the framework of the Lab), which remain essential today, we dug a little deeper into the cloud to find you features likely to be of use to you on a daily basis. Make room in your smartphone's memory... And give us your opinion in the comments!

Five motorcycle apps to better enjoy the road

My road is in trouble: Report roads in poor condition

Road safety is also a question of infrastructure. When the bitumen is not in great condition – or even completely degraded – the risks increase drastically. This is the purpose of the motorcycle app I have trouble on my way, which allows you to report dangerous areas: holes in the road, missing markings, cracks, poorly marked construction sites, etc. The 40 million motorists association, which is at the origin, will take steps to ensure that work is carried out .

⇒ Available on Android and on iOS

Calimoto: Add turns to your route

If she walks a little on the flowerbeds from UsMotards, the app Calimoto offers a refined route calculation function capable of attracting those who want to avoid the social network dimension. End of the end for bikers who want rub the knee, you can select the segments with the most turns to get from point A to point B. Another advantage: those who develop their routes on Maps or third-party software can even import their .GPX tracks before departure. Even better, this motorcycle app works very well if you don't have any reception!

⇒ Available on Android and on iOS

Motocoach: Evaluate the quality of your driving

Are you concerned about your safety on the road? Motocoach can help you improve your driving. How ? By monitoring your journeys! The motorcycle app designed by the insurance company April Moto records strong accelerations, sudden braking as well as crossing of grip thresholds, which it crosses (among other things) with your GPS route. After each trip, Motocoach is able to assess the quality of your driving and give you advice to optimize the safety of your riding. So, tempted?

⇒ Available on Android and on iOS

Pass your motorcycle license: All the information in one app!

Bristol cards where you forcefully copied Bic 4 colors the content of your Rousseau code are a thing of the past... Motorcycle apps like Pass your motorcycle license do this much more efficiently! Wherever you are, you can review your 12 motorcycle files, the grid routes, the technical checks... A quiz of more than 200 questions can even help you measure the extent of your knowledge. In short, a must for those who take the plunge. Or for those who want to know if they still have their motorcycle license today 😉

⇒ Available on Android and on iOS

And that's the bonus: Find a free parking space nearby

Who would have believed it a few years ago? Parking a motorbike has become complicated in certain large cities, where it is better to respect the dedicated spaces or risk a fine. The app And it's the Plum locates on a map the free two-wheel parking spaces available around you. The app is in fact collaborative and relies on the fact that you in turn indicate the available places when you leave! You can also add unreferenced locations to help the community. One of the essential motorcycle apps for urban bikers and scooter riders.

⇒ Available only on iOS nowadays

Do you use other biker apps? Don’t hesitate to share your good tips in the comments!

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Editor and tester for Motoblouz , I am an unconditional fan of roads with bends. For me, the motorcycle is a means of escape as well as a means of transport.


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  1. Jerome Gaston may 28, 2018 at 10:05 p.m. Answer

    Hello, the Motocoach idea was great. Having a car and a motorcycle, the idea of ​​having a Beacon installed and which triggers motorcycle trip recordings was great. But despite some discussions with the “developer” no solution on IOS with Beacons. Auto trigger saves everything. Even by car. So no interest. And as the developer must only be a relay with the original developer (because it is an insurance company which publishes the software for its drivers by providing them with a dedicated beacon. So in short, product too closed, without explanation and support almost inaccessible. As soon as I asked technical questions (because at the time the subject was not of interest), 4 beacons purchased, to test everything, Motorcycle, car, with or without Bluetooth in the passenger compartment… nothing, no answer.

    Yet for me the basic application.
    Referencing specific motorcycle journeys (several possible)
    Consumption, traces, acceleration (some beacons have accelerometers)…
    Anyway, it looked cool.

  2. Gerard january 28, 2018 at 1:51 p.m. Answer

    Good morning,
    Thank you for sharing.
    I would have liked to know the jacket model in the photo. She looks nice and I didn't find her on Motoblouz .

  3. Nicolas Legrand january 28, 2018 at 12:33 Answer

    Good morning
    security level, cosmo connected is essential
    month who also rides at night, I find that it is an essential piece of equipment, it really doesn't feel heavy and it flashes very well you can see from afar when you follow me

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