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Video: Shad SH36 suitcases and Shad SH48 top case

Even on a motorbike, no trip without luggage. And the best of the best in this area is the suitcase and the matching top case. Exactly what I present to you in this video: the shad SH36 suitcases and the top case Shad SH48, the top of the range from the Spanish brand.

This motorcycle luggage set is generic, thanks to two fixing kits. The premier , called 3P, allows you to attach the Shad SH36 cases using an additional key to your keychain without major aesthetic modifications to your machine. This same key, with a second fixing kit dedicated to the top case, will allow you to lock your Shad SH48 to its plate! A single key for all of its safes is still nice. Regarding the installation of these two kits on your bike, i refer you to Nico's tutorial, our mechanic!

Shad SH48, 48 liters of pure happiness

The SH48 is a Shad classic. This mastoc top case will allow you to carry two modular helmets without any hassle. Both held by a well-designed strap system. Its main advantage is the Smart Lock System, a very practical three-position lock: top case locked to the plate but open, top case closed, top case detached from the plate. It can be easily transported thanks to its retractable handle.

Two suitcases with an international award-winning design, the Shad SH36

But the flagship of what you will be able to examine in this video is of course the Shad SH36 suitcases. Honored toa Red Dot Design Award in 2015 for their attractive lines, they present very well, to the point that they easily pass for original equipment. And casually, each of them will be able to accommodate a modular helmet of the size of Nolan N104, and up to ten kilos in terms of weight. Needless to say, you can put some inside!

“Okay, but are these accessories compatible with MY motorcycle? ”, you are probably wondering. There is a good chance, most recent motorcycles have their specific kit. To be sure, take a look to this page and enter the brand, model and vintage of your beauty. Then search among the results for the Shad top case support and/or the 3P support for Shad SH36 cases!

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  1. jules achard may 16, 2018 at 6:07 p.m. Answer

    hello, I have the SH48 top case and the SH36 suitcases but I don't understand how to change the top case lock because I took it apart but it doesn't seem compatible with the extra one supplied with the suitcases…. Do you have any advice or an explanation?

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