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Tucano Urbano Termoscud Evo scooter apron test

The apron is becoming essential on more and more maxi-scooters. However, it can constitute an obstacle to driving comfort at high speed. Tucano Urbano tackled the issue by developing the Termoscud Evo, an apron specially designed for these conditions. We tried it!

The season lends itself to it... We never appreciate an apron as much as in the coldest of winter! We have therefore decided to present to you one of the flagships of what we offer to equip maxi-scoots : the Tucano Urbano Termoscud apron. In addition to the high-end finish, we wanted to put its sophisticated anti-eddy system to the test. For our conclusions to be truly conclusive, the Termoscud was mounted on a Yamaha T-Max 530.

SGAS 2.0, a well-thought-out system

Premier observation: the editing does not call for any criticism. Without being exceptionally easy, it does not require any more swearing than for a “standard” apron. Good news, to the extent that one might have feared that a particularly innovative product would require unusual assembly, and this is not the case. Because technically, this product differs from its colleagues: this evolution of the SGAS (for inflatable anti-float system) in fact integrates two pairs of low-pressure inflatable tubes, which play the role of the ribs in the umbrella: they preform the apron and stiffen it so that it is comfortable in all conditions. Inflation is easy: simply unscrew the valve cap and blow with your mouth. No additional pump is therefore required, practical. On the other hand, when it comes to long-term hygiene, we can ask ourselves questions. Tucano Urbano explains that the valve and the materials used allow version 2.0 of the SGAS to ensure long-lasting pressure.

Impeccable behavior at high speed

On the road, comfort is there. The frame plays its role brilliantly. The apron is firmly pressed against the pilot's legs. In town, he doesn't move a bit. We hit the highway to test its performance at high speed. In this context, the behavior of the Tucano Urbano Termoscud Evo is simply impeccable. : not a hint of parasitic movement appears! On the contrary, at high speed, it tends to press a little more against the legs, preventing the circulation of air currents against them... Magic!

The Tucano Urbano Termoscud Evo, ideal for the road but suitable for the city

The rigidity beneficial to these qualities in dynamics is paid for in statics: the new generation Termoscud requires you to contort yourself a little to move your leg to the other side when you get on the scooter. However, don't worry: in town, it is possible to undo the velcro buckle at the foot to make it easier to put your foot down when approaching a light. Thermally, we are also delighted with the Termoscud, even more so in the heart of winter, where its insulating lining (easily removable because it is mounted on snaps and velcro) completes the pleasure. We're not far from imagining ourselves by the fire, a blanket on our knees! Same in the rain thanks to the waterproof membrane.

A practical and well-finished scooter apron

In terms of practical aspects, the apron is not left out. It thus has an internal pocket, always useful for keeping various accessories and tickets within reach, especially on scooters without a glove box type compartment. However, a towel to dry the saddle after the rain will prove superfluous, a saddle cover being provided. Likewise, for the most demanding, Tucano has provided a strap with clip to secure the apron to the waist. Also note, the finish is placed at the top of the basket, with a perfect fit to the shape of the scooter, the edges incorporating reflective fibers, etc.

Thanks to the yamaha dealership Lille Center Motos (whose services we highly recommend, by the way!) for the loan of the scooter.


Our opinion: A perfect apron for extra urban areas

The Tucano Urbano Termoscud Evo therefore keeps its promises. Well thought out, dynamically efficient, comfortable and well finished, it has a good number of arguments to put forward to justify its price, which is in the high average. We can criticize it for a certain stiffness which usually requires more than a standard apron to sit on the handlebars. Nothing prohibitive in the end, especially when we put it into perspective with the gain in terms of pleasure at the highest speeds. In short, we really enjoyed it!
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