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SLA, the simple and efficient motorcycle battery from BS Battery

SLA motorcycle battery by BS Battery

Changing your motorcycle's battery, an operation that has become simpler than ever thanks to BS Battery : the manufacturer presents its SLA batteries ready to use and maintenance-free. Preview on Motoblouz !

Replacing a motorcycle battery has never been easier! The new SLA battery from BS Battery brings its share of innovations that will make the task easier for all motorcyclists, from beginners to the most experienced mechanics.
The design of the SLA battery makes it a model of simplicity in use: ready to use and already charged, it saves you from the tedious operations imposed by traditional models.

SLA motorcycle battery by BS Battery : ready to use and maintenance-free!

  • With this new feature available in preview on Motoblouz , more acid to handle, more load to expect : replace the faulty battery, and push the starter button!
  • Better, she doesn't claim no maintenance afterwards (checking acid levels, always delicate filling, etc.).
  • Its waterproof construction allows it to be placed in all positions.
  • Another advantage is that it turns out very resistant to vibrations.
  • Not to spoil anything, BS Battery promises increased power and lifespane.

And the price ? Don't worry, the difference is small: it only increases by a few euros compared to an equivalent standard battery. In short, it’s hard to find fault! Find out the price of the SLA battery that matches your motorcycle here.

Maintenance-free SLA motorcycle battery from BS Battery , installation video

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