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Test of Givi Trekker Outback suitcases (top case and side cases)

testing Givi Trekker Outback suitcases

Warm clothing, light clothing, beach clothing, casual clothing, for the driver and passenger, camping equipment, tool kit, cooler, beers, skateboards, surfboards … No no no, this is not the goods list of the heavy goods vehicle of the Wheels and Waves. We are talking here about the loading capacity of a motorcycle equipped with givi Trekker Outback suitcases. Many motorcycle manufacturers take inspiration from it to equip their bikes ex-factory. So, when we were offered to put them to the test, at the dawn of a trip to the American continent, we didn't hesitate for long to put them in the basket... After several months of development. test, what do we really think of these motorcycle suitcases adventure ?

The Givi Trekker Outback suitcases, simple and robust

The entire Trekker Outback range is made from a 1.5mm die-cast aluminum structure. Lightweight, resistant and anti-corrosion, aluminum is ideal for motorcycle luggage. In the rigid category, it is much more suitable than plastic. In fact, it is intended to be malleable and can be easily straightened with a hammer in the event of an impact (this is not always easy...). Incidentally, it is also possible to weld aluminum if perforated, although aluminum welders are becoming increasingly rare.

For the shape of givi Trekker Outback suitcases, nothing revolutionary. It's simple, effective and aesthetic. The panels are held in place by stainless steel rivets mounted on O-rings. As a result, the finish is very clean without any large screws sticking out... We like the reinforced techno polymer corner reinforcements (yes, big words right away). And we especially like the fact that the angles are profiled and not sharp. Always a plus in the event of a fall if the crazy paw accidentally finds itself under the suitcase...

Color-wise, we have the choice between the classic gray (raw aluminum) or the objectively more elegant option of black. Remember that tastes and colors or non-colors cannot be discussed.

There are several extruded aluminum reinforcements inside the cases, particularly at the attachment points on the frame, detailed below. The lids are fitted with gaskets which ensure a good seal. The system is not rated as waterproof but rather like water resistant. To summarize, water does not seep in, unless the suitcase is completely submerged, which can happen... But which will not happen (we hope at least). Finally, beyond the confusing technical terms, these givi Trekker Outback suitcases demonstrate a simple and robust construction, without frills.

large load of Givi Trekker Outback suitcases

A volume range for all adventurers

In terms of literage, there is something for everyone. And yes, Givi is also a specialist in semi-customization. Whether you are traveling light, fully loaded, solo or in a duo, you can combine the different volumes for “almost tailor-made”. Although we have not tested all the suitcases in the range, we offer here an overview. For an investment ranging between €1,081.67 and €1,229.17, you can treat yourself to a trio of suitcases made up of…

For the top box

The toughest, one 58 L top box and 7.25 kg (32.3 cm x 55.5 cm x 45.4 cm). It can accommodate two full-face helmets without problem, and probably a third passenger too (we do not recommend). In terms of size, we're looking at quite a piece of top case. If you wish to add bags to your side suitcases, be aware that this top case, due to its width, may encroach slightly on your cargo. Aesthetically speaking, we're not necessarily a fan either... We'll prefer our 42 L top box and 5.9 kg with more reasonable dimensions (32.3 cm x 40.9 cm x 45.4 cm). The latter only accommodates one full-face helmet, and no passenger…

contents of the Givi Trekker Outback top case

For suitcases

For side cases, same fight, there is the xL range with 48 L of storage and 5 kg (38.7 cm x 49.5 cm x 30.6 cm). And there is the classic 37 L range and 3.6 kg (38.7 cm x 49.5 cm x 24.6 cm). Note that the space saving between the 48 L and the 37 L is in width. The rear of your loaded bike will therefore be 12 cm wider with the 48 L side cases. If you are used to slipping between cars, this is a significant parameter to take into consideration.

Several bikers have opted for a 37 L / 48 L combo offered on Motoblouz. It is suitable for motorcycles with a single exhaust in the high position. In this case, we put the 37 L on the exhaust side and the 48 L on the other to compensate for the offset induced by the exhaust cartridge. It is an aesthetic choice to achieve symmetry in the loading. For our part, we are not necessarily fans and preferred two 37 L suitcases, with a slight offset on the left side, due to the outlet of the pot on the Super Ténéré.

time to fill the givi side cases

Robust and well-designed mounting brackets

In terms of supports, Givi is confusing us a bit. It must be said that between the number of references of the brand's suitcases and the different models of bikes on which they can be adapted, it's a real mess. Fortunately, the Motoblouz tool allows you to check compatibility with your bike. In theory, for side cases, the mounting brackets should have the letters PL and CAM with the numbers that stick to your frame. A word of advice: take a look at your favorite forum to be sure of the reference of the media to order. Also, you can compare the appearance of the locking systems on the product sheet to the photos in this article for example. It costs nothing.

In terms of assembly, it is difficult to generalize because each motorcycle will have its little quirks, particularly depending on the exhaust outlet. However, I imagine the system is relatively universal and the installation steps are relatively similar. So, for us, it was relatively quick, just half an hour, just a few screws to unscrew and replace. Nothing complicated, everything lines up correctly, like butter...

For the top case, it's less complicated. Any monokey turntable from Givi will do. And assembly is also relatively easy.

Easy assembly and disassembly for Givi Trekker Outback cases

« Easy on, easy off” as they say here, it’s “as simple as pie”. In fact, fixing is very easy. These are two notches on each case intended for two cleats on each rack. Once engaged, simply lock the upper part of the suitcase against… the locking system. To top it off, the latter is color coded which changes from red to green when the suitcases are properly secured. It's a piece of cake, and if you can't tell from the written expression, we suggest you take a look at the photos below.

givi Trekker Outback side case installation

To remove these givi Trekker Outback suitcases, you will of course need the key. It's a bit less easy, especially when the suitcases are loaded, but it's clearly not an obstacle course. You activate the lock as if you were opening the suitcase and you lift the latch which is to the left or right of the lock. This allows the suitcases to be released from the upper locking system. Here, the suitcases only rest on the cleats. To avoid overloading them, simply create a counterweight by resting your leg on the suitcase, then use the two handles described above to slightly lift the suitcase and release the tabs from their notches. That's it.

For the top case, the principle is similar. We place it on the plate, slide the cleats into the notches and gravity takes care of the rest. For the dropout, we do the opposite. After lifting the tab under the lock, lift the front part of the top case (the rearmost) and slide towards you to release the tabs.

installation of the Givi Trekker Outback top case

Safety first

In terms of security, givi Trekker Outback suitcases have the advantage of being solid with a very sturdy lock. I imagine that with the right equipment, a bandit could always break the lock. Despite everything, we are far from the old plastic latch, ready to give way at the slightest shock. The system is very simple to use, the lock has only two positions: open and closed. For the lock, it is a metal part that is hooked onto a bar attached to the cover.

givi Trekker Outback suitcase locking system

Not insignificant point: purchasing a pair of givi Trekker Outback suitcases, the side ones, includes a third barrel to mount on the top case if you decide to invest in the latter. This way you have 3 suitcases that operate with a single key. The wasp is not crazy.

The little world tour side

The maximum load of each givi Trekker Outback suitcases is 10 kg. While it is possible to achieve this weight by simply filling the cases, Givi also gives us the option of loading gear onto the cases themselves using several securing bars mounted on the lids. And we love that. This is really what we are looking for when you go motorbike camping for example. The majority of our gear simply doesn't fit inside the suitcases.

For detail, on the side cases, there are 6 fixing bars. Two on the front and rear ends of the width of the suitcase. These are very practical for transporting suitcases once removed from the motorcycle. That said, we don't use it to fix the equipment... We use more of the 4 side bars (2 on each side edge). We set Rok Straps but these are of course suitable for any other brand of straps or tensioners. Well, it must be said that we would have appreciated a slightly longer length but they are there, that's the main thing. It's sturdy, it's stainless steel, it exudes confidence.

installation on Givi Trekker Outback suitcases

For the top box, same story. Two side bars along the entire length of the top case, very practical for transporting it. And four small fasteners on the lid, at the front and back, which we use to attach equipment to the lid (our gallon of water for example).

Installing the water gallon on the Givi Trekker Outback top case

And the little practical side

Another practical point about these givi side cases : it is possible to unhook the cover. This is practical for loading at the dawn of the big departure. In reality, the lids open really wide and don't interfere with loading/unloading. However, you have this option to remove the cover with a simple pressure at the hinge (it says “ press " above). Once the cover is released, you just need to unhook the two links which, by the way, are really strong and, therefore, not easy to remove from the cleats the first time...

use of Givi suitcases without lid

Givi Trekker Outback suitcases… All options!

The finish is already good on the givi Trekker Outback suitcases original. Despite everything, if you want to make the most of your luggage, there are several options worth taking a look at. Here we try to arrange them in order of priority (it's up to you to see if you like it or not, depending on your needs):

  1. An option that we find essential and that we have not necessarily found on Motoblouz : non-slip adhesive strips to stick on the top of the suitcase. Indeed, if you are going off-road and you have equipment affixed to the cover, the shaking risks quickly damaging the paint (especially for the black finish). With these strips, you protect your lid, and you ensure that your load does not slide in all directions.
  2. There inner suitcase. Very practical when you want to carry all of your belongings without taking down the entire suitcase. This is the kind of accessory suitable for a road trip where you stop at hotels for example. For our part, we tend to compartmentalize inside the suitcase with bags of different sizes. Everyone has their own way of traveling!
  3. A eVA interior lining for a clean interior finish. Available for the 42 L top case and the side cases (37 L and 48 L).
  4. THE spider net to use the space, of significant size, directly available under the cover. It is suitable for the two volumes of side suitcases as well as the small format top case. For the 52 L, there is a specific net. Here, it's for something light, like a road map, documentation, first aid kit... If you put weight on it, it risks dangling (a brilliant word that sums up the situation well).
  5. THE top box backrest for passenger. For our part, we are more in the passenger-active-stuck-tight-with-the-pilot team, so Mathilde rarely leans on the top box. Given the profile of the hinges securing the top case cover, it is possible that this modification will provide a little support and comfort to your passenger if he decides to lean against the top case. However, he will not get pierced in the back without this option.
  6. THE mounting bracket for a 2.5 L jerrycan and the jerrycan that goes with. We must admit that although they seem practical, the feedback on these products, and in particular on the jerrycan, is not very positive. Having not tested it, we advise you to take a look at the reviews and form your own opinion.
  7. Of the grab handles to carry the suitcase. Our opinion: this modification is not really useful because the fixing bars can easily
    serve as handles for transport. In addition, this option prevents bags from being attached to suitcases using 4 of the 6 attachments available on the suitcase lid.

loading Givi Trekker Outback suitcases on the super ten

Well, with the givi Trekker Outback suitcases and all these options, you should be able to go around the world… and us, down Latin America. Finally, don't hesitate to ask your questions in the comments if you have any.

Max of Onemonth.Oneride

See the top case product sheet

See the suitcase product sheet

Volume / Weight 4.5
Practicality 5
Fixing the suitcases on the supports4.5
Installing the mounting brackets4.5
Finishing 5

My opinion: luggage designed for adventure

Givi , the Italian two-wheel luggage giant, offers us here a reference in luggage designed for adventure. On and Off-Road, these suitcases are versatile, robust and easy to use. Suitcases loaded, driving is pleasant and the driver is not destabilized. The range is complete, and adapts to all travelers in the Touring/Trail/Adventure world.

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  1. bournerias January 13, 2024 at 10:32 Answer

    Hello, with an adjustable temersit support and a 58l aluminum top case, is there enough room for the motorcycle passenger for a long trip.
    thank you for your reply.

    • One month one ride February 29, 2024 at 10:42 Answer

      Hello Patrice.
      Yes ! The 58L top case is especially wider than it is long compared to the standard version. It does not encroach on the passenger seat in any case. Especially since you mention the Temersit adjustable platform which has 3 adjustment positions. There will be no worries.

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