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Test of the Xena anti-theft disc lock with SRA XX15 alarm

test of the Xena anti-theft disc lock with SRA XX15 alarm

With its XX15 disc lock, Xena promises us a high-end anti-theft device coupled with an alarm that can be configured via smartphone. Beyond the connected aspect, what is this worth xena anti-theft disc lock with alarm in terms of manufacturing quality? Isn’t adding high-tech functions to a “basic” accessory like a simple disc lock an unnecessary source of complication? It is in fact important that use remains as simple and unrestrictive as possible. Especially when it is an anti-theft device dedicated to generally short-term stops, when the installation/removal time must remain as short as possible. Let's see together if this xena disc lock rises to the occasion!

The disk lock: advantages and disadvantages

Many of us use a disc lock when it comes to securing our mount. It must be said that this type ofanti-theft combines the advantages: easy and quick to install, very space-saving…

But it also has disadvantages such as not allowing securing to a fixed point: the best way to secure your motorcycle when parked. And to do this, the use of a U-type lock + a case-hardened steel chain remains essential. On the other hand, for short-term parking and/or if the motorcycle remains in a “seen” place, the disc lock is ideal.

test of the Xena anti-theft disc lock with SRA XX15 alarm

The Xena disc lock with SRA XX15 alarm easily fits on the front disc of many motorcycles

Another inconvenience: it is easy to forget when getting back on the road. Ignition, you start the engine, engage 1st gear and as you start, the disc lock hits the brake caliper. This stops the machine dead in its tracks, and there is a chance that it will cause a fall when stopped accompanied by an immense feeling of loneliness (those who have had the experience know what I am talking about).

Xena anti-theft disc lock with SRA XX15 alarm: the end of forgetting the disc lock when getting back on the road?

Here, the idea of ​​integrating an alarm into the body of the case takes on its full meaning. Not only does the device have a welcome deterrent effect, but it can also warn you if you forget the anti-theft device when you leave! In fact, the alarm is triggered when movement is detected, whether it is an attempted theft (vehicle movement) or when the motorcycle is righted. No need to bother with a memory cable to connect to the handlebars. Here, the system reminds you of its presence from the slightest movement of the machine, to the tune of 120 dB if the sound volume is set to its maximum.

set of 3 keys delivered with the Xena anti-theft disc lock with SRA XX15 alarm

The Xena anti-theft disc lock with SRA XX15 alarm is delivered with a set of 3 keys

Bluetooth connection for multiple settings

Where he'xena anti-theft disc lock with SRA XX15 alarm is fully configurable via smartphone (application available on iOS and Android).

dashboard to configure the Xena anti-theft disc lock with SRA alarm

The smartphone application (Android / iOS) allows you to configure this Xena anti-theft device in detail.

Adjustment of the level of sensitivity to shocks and movements, the volume of the alarm as well as its duration, or simply consulting the battery level or stopping the alarm. Here, everything is done in the dedicated application after a quick Bluetooth pairing. This is also the only way to completely shut down the alarm system.

Reading the various reviews on the web, I noticed that many users have encountered connection problems... As far as I'm concerned, nothing to report. The connection is established simply and quickly, every time without a hitch.

using the Xena app

Please note, however, that the smartphone can only connect to the alarm when it is “armed”. Understand: installed on the disc of your motorcycle. If this is not the case, the alarm box goes into standby mode to conserve battery power, and the Bluetooth connection is then impossible after a few seconds.

Battery and installation in removable electronic box

Power is supplied by a CR2 type lithium battery (non-rechargeable). This is announced to have a lifespan of approximately 6 months, which will obviously vary depending on use and the settings made. In any case, there is something to look forward to and this battery model is quite widespread.

the battery is supplied and installed on the electronic box of this Xena anti-theft device

The electronic box of the Xena XX15 anti-theft device with its CR2 lithium battery (supplied) installed

To install the battery, you must remove the electronic box from the anti-theft body. To do this, an Allen key is provided. There are just two screws to remove, accessible once the lower access panel has been removed, using a small lever on the set of keys supplied with the lock.

access to the Xena anti-theft electronic box

Easy access to the electronic box of the Xena XX15

The electronic box itself seems well made on its exposed side, where we find the small speaker capable of putting out 120 dB. On the other hand, on the battery side, the cache is a little “ cheap* » and I did not see any particular waterproofing system... Certainly, it is unlikely that the rain would reach this place, housed in the bottom of the steel case. But in case of immersion, I doubt that water will not get inside. As a precaution, you should therefore avoid leaving it at the lowest point of the disc if your motorcycle is parked in a place where the water is likely to rise beyond a few centimeters (floodable garage or other).

the Xena SRA XX15 anti-theft device is supplied with the tools for its installation

To install the battery or clean it, the Xena disc lock with SRA XX15 alarm is supplied with the necessary tools.

The electronic box is interchangeable, independently of the mechanical anti-theft part itself, made of stainless steel.

Excellent manufacturing

Beyond the connected aspect of this xena anti-theft disc lock with alarm, the “mechanical” part of the disc lock inspires confidence. One-piece stainless steel case weighing 768 g, carbide-reinforced 14 mm locking pin… In short, seriousness that inspires confidence. It is also of course SRA approved.

The barrel system itself uses an 8-disc lock that is difficult for an average thief to pick. The exposed part is reinforced by an anti-drill disc. The whole thing is also advertised by Xena as being designed to resist a liquid nitrogen attack. A technique used by some thieves to break the steel of the lock after freezing it.

8-disc lock and anti-drill disc for anti-theft Xena disc lock

The Xena anti-theft device uses an 8-disc lock equipped with an anti-drill disc.

Personally, I regret not finding a plastic cover to cover the entrance to the lock. It would prevent dirt from entering the mechanism in the long term, a bit like what ABUS offers on its GRANIT series disc locks.

Super easy installation…

The 14 mm locking axle finds its position on any type of disc. The depth of 60 mm allows installation on a large number of machines. So, no problem for me, whether on my Ducatis or my Japanese. No problem either on the MT07 discs that I use at the driving school. Be careful though, this xena lock seems difficult to position on many scooters or other small displacement two-wheelers. The fault is too small discs and too little travel between them and the edge of the rim. This lock is clearly designed for installation on a motorcycle front disc.

… Just like setting the alarm

Once the ideal position is found, simply push the barrel in to lock the disc lock in position. Arming the alarm is fully automatic, as is disarming. An optical system in fact senses the presence of the disc and activates the system. On the other hand, it is not necessary to close the lock to activate the alarm... So be careful if you wait a bit to lock the barrel! I strongly advise you to increase the time before arming the alarm in the settings to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

An automatic arming system that requires a little maintenance

The optical system uses a mirror plate inside the lock, on the access door to the electronic module. If the sensor “sees” the mirror, it considers that the anti-theft device is not installed on the motorcycle. If the plate is blocked, the alarm is armed.

optical sensors and mirror plate on Xena anti-theft device

In this photo, we can see the optical sensors (on the top of the case) as well as the mirror plate installed on the back of the maintenance hatch (on the right)

Simple and effective, you will nevertheless have to ensure that this plate remains clean. Otherwise, the alarm risks reactivating unexpectedly even though the disc lock is not on the motorcycle! This is why it is essential to properly store the Xena anti-theft device in a protective case, such as the one offered by the brand.

Tip: carry a lock, watch out for the back!

Without protruding edges and with a relatively contained weight of 768 g, thexena anti-theft disc lock with SRA XX15 alarm easily carried in a bag. However, be careful when transporting in a backpack. Like any “hard” object, this could quickly become dangerous if it falls and ends up hitting your spine. It will always be best to choose a place to transport it, directly on the motorcycle if possible.

See the product sheet

*cheap = cheap

Security 5
Ergonomics (disc lock)4.5
Ergonomics (application)4.8
Easy storage 3.8
Autonomy 4.5

My opinion: the “ultimate” disk lock

The Xena anti-theft disc lock with SRA XX15 alarm offers the best in the field. The choice of a sturdy one-piece steel case, coupled with a reinforced 8-disc lock or the double carbide-reinforced locking barrel make this Xena anti-theft device at the top in this segment. The icing on the cake is that it comes with a fully configurable alarm. Deterrent in the event of attempted theft, it will also (especially?) prevent forgetting the disc lock on the wheel when leaving. Xena avoids the pitfall of a high-tech anti-theft device that is too restrictive to use. Here, everything is automatic: arming and disarming. Exactly what was needed for an accessory acclaimed for its ease of use.

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