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Testing the DXR Over-Dive 40 saddle bag

DXR Over-Dive - Lots of attachment points

When I say they have fun at DXR with the names of the products: call a “Over-Dive” waterproof saddle bag. In short, with its 40 liters of loading, let's see what the dXR Over-Dive saddle bag.

Depending on your motorcycle, it can sometimes be difficult to travel with luggage. Installing a top box and/or suitcases is rather a difficult choice to make. Especially since these solutions, although practical, require you to leave unsightly supports on your beauty. However, there are alternative and/or complementary solutions. The tank bag, the backpack and the object of my test, a saddle bag.

test of the DXR Over Dive saddle bag with wide opening

Innovative closure for the DXR Over-Dive saddle bag 

The closing system of the dXR Over-Dive saddle bag is really well thought out. You join the 2 sides of the wide opening, you roll it up (at least twice) then you buckle the 4 adjustable straps to hold everything in place. Easy, quick and above all, this is what allows for a good seal.

I have nothing to say about this system (also used by other brands), except that a small strip of Velcro to keep it closed while rolling the closure on itself would have been a nice touch. more. But at this price, it's not essential. And above all, this has no impact on the quality of this bag.

waterproofing of the DXR Over-Dive saddle bag

The right size

The 40 liters of volume of the dXR Over-Dive saddle bag are more than enough for me. Any bigger would be too heavy and bulky for the rear of my bike. But honestly, I already accommodate quite a few. Especially since I also have a tank bag and I can possibly take a backpack.

It's true that a small additional external pocket would have made it possible to store small objects, but the latter would not have been as waterproof as the rest of the bag.

The right price

With a price below €19.67 when placing an order, it must be admitted that Motoblouz hits hard on the price of its dXR saddle bag. On the other hand, at this price, you will have to manage for the tie-down straps on the motorcycle. The bag unfortunately does not have one. But like me, you must have straps or bungees lying around. With 4 buckles and 4 adjustable straps, the dXR Over-Dive saddle bag will attach securely to your motorcycle.

rain test on the DXR Over-Dive saddle bag

More waterproof than the pilot

By baptizing her Over Dive, DXR promises us some serious things in terms of waterproofing. For once I asked for rain so that I could finish my test... Failing that, I had to improvise to carry out the rain test.

I started with the water jet for long minutes and from all angles. Seeing that she didn't flinch, I moved on to the next phase: the swimming pool. Well the verdict is final, the dXR Over-Dive saddle bag clearly deserves its name. It is 100% waterproof. Nothing, not even the beginnings of moisture has seeped inside.

A pure joy to know that when you arrive at your destination, your belongings will be completely dry.

pool test for the DXR Over-Dive 40 bag

And outside of motorcycling!

Once the dXR Over-Dive 40 saddle bag when full, you have the choice of carrying it by hand thanks to the very soft handle or on the shoulder with the adjustable strap and its foam reinforcement to protect your little shoulders.

two options for carrying the DXR Over-Dive saddle bag


See the product sheet

Quality / Finishes4.8

My opinion: 100% waterproof, it deserves its name

With a volume of 40 liters, more than enough for my use, and plenty of hanging points available. We could almost have criticized it for not having a tie-down strap provided. But for the price, 2 bungee cords will do the trick. As for the waterproofness of the DXR Over-Dive saddle bag, after tough tests, it proved to be flawless. An excellent piece of luggage to accompany you on your road trips.

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