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Givi EA115 40 liter saddle bag review

Givi EA115 Saddle Bag Review

Need flexible, waterproof luggage to stow on the saddle for a weekend trip or a short week's motorcycle trip? Givi offers a 40 liter saddle bag, easy to use, available in several colors to match your machine. THE givi EA115 saddle bag, let's see what he has in his stomach.

Presentation of the Givi EA115 saddle bag

I have been using saddle bags “duffel” type, but of different brands and of variable capacity. As I like to be able to carry a lot of material and equipment in order to be prepared for any eventuality, my preferences tend to be bags 60 to 80 liters. Beyond that, the bag becomes difficult to fit on a motorcycle saddle. Below that, we are on formats of 20 to 30 liters. 20 liters is a tank bag and 30 liters is the volume of most backpacks. But I don't like motorcycle backpacks, they pull on the shoulders and their contents can too easily cause injuries in the event of a fall.

So I was curious to try this givi EA115 saddle bag of intermediate capacity. And I took it, as my only luggage, on a five-day hike during the Ascension Bridge 2019. With almost 2,000 km covered on small roads and paths, with a bit of dusty mountain trail and even a few quagmires.

A “duffel” bag is a simple, even basic product. Namely: a single large pocket, closed by rolling. Above all, we ask it to be waterproof, durable and easy to attach to all motorcycles. If it can also look pretty or help make yourself more visible, that's even better. But that's all. Simplicity is its strength: no zip, no pull, no magnetic fastening... No straps or interior pockets, no frame. No question of comfort since you don't carry it with you.

Givi , any genius ideas?

And in terms of simplicity, Givi meets the specifications. It can't be simpler than givi EA115 saddle bag ! So much so that we come to regret the presence of a small exterior pocket (which I have on other bags), always useful for storing the fixing straps or for slipping in a paper, keys, or other . The Italian manufacturer has still thought of a few details that make life easier. I really appreciated the wide Velcro strip which seals the two lips before rolling up, but which leaves a fine opening at each end to expel air and be able to compress the bag. Well seen !

Velcro closure of the Givi EA115 saddle bag

Velcro closure.

Less useful is the small central strap, sewn on one side and attached with Velcro on the other. Its premier purpose is to perfect the closure when it is filled to the extreme. But this is duplicated with the four clips (two across, one at each end) which already ensure a perfectly airtight closure. This strap can however be used to hang the tie-down straps once you arrive at your destination.

Givi EA115 saddle bag on motorcycle

“Stowable” across the saddle.

In terms of waterproofing, the seamless Tarpaulin-coated PVC material, with high-frequency welding, does the job impeccably. If you rolled up the lips of the bag and clipped the closures, not a drop of water would get through.

Versatility wise?

It was also successful! Givi has wisely chosen the dimensions of its givi EA115 saddle bag. With its 55 cm length and 32 cm width, it is suitable for all saddles and packet carriers. It was able to fit without a hitch on an R 1200 GS Adventure and on a CRF 250 L. Its moderate length allows it to be positioned both in the axis of the saddle and across it. Placed perpendicular to the motorcycle on a luggage rack, it does not protrude too much to the sides and does not slouch.

The carrying handle, closed with Velcro, does not hurt your fingers. And if you have to carry heavy items, the bag comes with a shoulder strap, adjustable in length, to carry it on the shoulder. Givi also provides two elastic bungees to help secure the bag. However, they are quite thin... And if the weight carried in the bag exceeds 5 kg, I recommend using solid flat straps instead. Especially if you're going off-road.

In short, flawless?

Almost... Only one downside: after a short week of admittedly intensive use, this givi saddle bag already has a hole in the bottom. Not huge, but enough to compromise waterproofing.

Givi EA115 saddle bag material

The fairly thin material turns out to be a little fragile.

Ease of installation4.5
Quality / Finish4.5
Useful volume 4.5

My opinion: an excellent medium capacity bag

It will clearly not be the product of the year, but this duffel bag fulfills its mission with honors. For a week-long solo trip, it proves a reliable and easy-going companion on any motorcycle. Only criticism: a slight lack of robustness.

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  1. Anthony june 25, 2023 at 7:07 p.m. Answer

    I don't understand how an item can be recommended when one of its main functions, waterproofing, disappears after a week. This is unacceptable, especially since there are quite a few alternatives. Motoblouz should not even offer this bag for sale.

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