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Video: Motorcycle GPS EyeLights Head Up

Welcome to the future. And say goodbye to those days when you had to take your eyes off the road to follow the directions of your GPS. THE GPS motorcycle eyelights displays navigation info and other data directly in your field of vision. Yeah, like Iron Man. Take a look at this futuristic accessory!

Back to the Future* with the Moto EyeLights GPS

You have probably already heard of GPS motorcycle eyelights. This new GPS projects information just above the right eye, within range of your field of vision. As a result, you can stay focused on the road and look straight ahead. No need to take your eyes off the road like with a traditional GPS. To be more precise, the GPS motorcycle eyelights displays all typical directions from a roadbook, with clearly understandable orientation arrows and distance to the next change of direction. The instantaneous speed is also displayed. Moreover, it is red when you exceed the legal speed.

Beyond the GPS function, the EyeLights plays a role of bluetooth hands-free kit. In other words, you can receive calls, listen to music, take advantage of voice control, etc. However, no intercom function is available at this time.

How it works ?

To plan your journeys, with the GPS motorcycle eyelights, you will need to download the app for free, available on Android and iOs. From your smartphone, you can access all the kit's features and plan your trips. Besides, know that the GPS motorcycle eyelights includes a world map… Which makes it well suited if you are planning a long-term trip. It works on locked smartphone, so don't worry about your battery. And the GPS has an autonomy of 8 hours.

Basically, the kit GPS motorcycle eyelights consists of a module quite similar to an intercom, with two buttons for volume and a main one for the rest, and an optical element with prism which is fixed in front of the right eye. There are also extra-flat earpieces as well as a boom microphone. Only problem: the connections are not waterproof. Watch out for showers!

Assembly is done using double-sided patches. The advantage is that it is suitable for all types of helmet. The disadvantage is that once fixed, you will not be able to transfer your GPS motorcycle eyelights on another headset. For your information, please note that if you have an internal sun visor, this does not change the proper functioning of the GPS. Likewise, if you have prescription glasses, you will not have difficulty following the data.

Always at the cutting edge of technology? No doubt, the GPS motorcycle eyelights is made for you. You will need to show a little patience, and calm, during assembly... But afterwards, you will be able to drive with your eyes (not closed) but still glued to the road, without problem!

*Back to the future. 

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