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Video: Kappa Cafe Racer luggage collection

Every traveling motorcyclist dreams of going away for a few days on his bike, in the greatest comfort (or almost), without distorting the look of his Cafe Racer. With the kappa Cafe Racer luggage collection, it is potentially done. We present to you this set of soft luggage both practical and aesthetic.

Kappa Cafe Racer luggage: a trip to Italy?

Let's start with what interests us, aesthetics. This is also what the italian brand Kappa has concentrated on offering you practical equipment, which does not disfigure your old one. There cafe Racer collection consists of three elements: a saddle bag, a tank bag and an rider bag. And on these three elements, Kappa has combined synthetic leather with textile for both a vintage look and good resistance. Finally, to accentuate this idea, the brand added a logo plaque, a few buckles and other chrome metal clips. Very clean.

And if you're thinking that this aesthetic might be ruined by a rain cover, just in case... Well, let me contradict you. Kappa has in fact added, to all the elements of kappa Cafe Racer luggage, a internal lining waterproof as well as roll-top closing system. The contents of your luggage will thus be assuredly protected from the rain. And that's not the only thoughtful detail. You should also know that a shoulder strap is provided to carry the bags more comfortably, as well as a handle. Clever!

Another element that interests us is volume. Because if this set of kappa Cafe Racer luggage was designed to match your beauty, it was also designed to take you on a journey. You and your equipment. With the rider bag which can contain twice 23 liters, the tank bag of 10 liters, and the 20 liters of the bag of saddle, you can easily leave with 76 liters. Yes, 76. Not bad, right?

The Cafe Racer range, in detail…

To say a word about each of the elements of kappa Cafe Racer luggage,

  • there cR601 rider bag is available individually! So, if you prefer to travel light, you can limit yourself to 23 liters (which is already not bad). In addition, a compression strap allows you to adjust the interior volume. Very practical! It attaches to a TMT type spacer, available by Kappa for many machines.
  • there tank bag CR600 fits more into the extra luggage category, with its 10 liters capacity. As a result, Kappa has designed it to make it even more practical: quick access pocket with zip, waterproof, card reader to hang on the top... Another particularity of this bag, it attaches using 4 magnetic magnets.
  • finally, the saddle bag CR602. Elastic straps are provided to secure it as simply as possible, and behind you.

You have understood, taken separately or together, this equipment of kappa Cafe Racer luggage have been designed to take you on a journey, in all simplicity and practicality, without distorting the essence of your beauty… its old-fashioned charm.

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