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Video: Tecmate Optimate 4 Can-bus charger

Are you the type to take care of your battery? Know that the best way for it to age well is to put it under load regularly. This is where the tecmate Optimate 4 charger intervenes. Because it goes further than a traditional charger. THE Tecmate ensures that 1. your battery is well charged, 2. that it is not overcharged, 3. it even takes care of old batteries. But for a complete overview, discover in video why this charger is suitable for your battery.

Tecmate Optimate 4 charger, the intelligent charger

And yes, the battery recharges. Not with your usual Guronsan and other protein bars. But with a good dose of current administered by a battery charger, like this good old tecmate Optimate 4 charger, which is only one of the variations of the Optimate. Thanks to its control system and hourly load cycles, the Tecmate ensures your battery is never overcharged. And that's pretty smart, because overcharging and discharging are the two mortal enemies of your battery.

But how is he so intelligent? Do not imagine either that the tecmate Optimate 4 charger is of the AI* type. In fact, to fully understand, you need to know that conventional chargers only continuously supply current... At the risk, as you have understood, of overcharging the battery. THE tecmate Optimate 4 charger, it has the ability to assess the state of your battery. And to adapt your tension accordingly. It evaluates it, charges it, tests it, changes the voltage… So your battery can be linked to your tecmate charger continuously if necessary. He knows when he should charge it, and when he should not charge it. Clever.

THE tecmate Optimate 4 charger also has a function that allows it to recover batteries at the end of their life, or “sulphated”. Another particularity, which earned it its nickname Can-bun, is its double program. It can be used as a normal charger, connected to the battery terminals, or plugged into the cigarette lighter. Well, this functionality only concerns BMWs which have Can-bus, but remains very practical.

Before you let yourself recharge the batteries, be aware that the tecmate Optimate 4 charger is intended for normal, maintenance-free and gel batteries with a capacity of 2 to 50 amp-hours. That is… all the motorcycles on the market (approximately, eh). Only Lithium-ion batteries are not compatible. It is also waterproof, and hangs easily on your wall. Intelligent, practical and clever, it's the kind of equipment that makes your life easier... especially in the event of a breakdown on Monday morning at 0°C.

*Artificial intelligence. 

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