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VIDEO: Testing Tecno globe Gold H4 LED bulbs

Seeing well and being seen well are two essential characteristics for riding a motorcycle. Whether at night or simply to be visible in the flow of traffic. Much more efficient than a torn exhaust! If you find that the original lighting on your motorcycle is not efficient enough, you can always change the bulbs in your optics. I tested them for you tecno globe Gold H4 LED bulbs about 3,000 km. Day or night, in the countryside, in town, on the motorway or even in interfile. Let me enlighten you about these bulbs Tecno Globe !

Overview of lighting

For lighting, there are several types of bulbs.

  • High performance halogen bulbs such as Philips xtreme vision,
  • Xenon bulbs, even more powerful… but with some constraints,
  • And LED bulbs, with all the advantages of Xenon, without the constraints!

Constraints, advantages, that is to say? LED bulbs shine as brightly as Xenon bulbs… without blinding motorists. In addition, they do not require heating time and consume less. On my Tiger Explorer, I have tested Tecno Globe Gold H4 LED bulbs. If you don't know this brand, you should know that it is a French company very well known in the motorcycle world. Since 2005, it has specialized in the distribution and importation of high-tech products for motorcyclists.

Tecno globe Gold H4 LED bulbs: overview of the composition

Basically, the tecno globe Gold H4 LED bulbs are divided into two blocks. In the premier , we have the bulb, made of aluminum. 4 high performance CREE LEDs are arranged on each side, and surrounded by a transparent polycarbonate envelope. The whole thing creates a powerful and diffused light. A fan has been added at the bottom of the bulb to dissipate the heat generated by the LEDs. The second block acts as a transformer. It is finally connected to the H4 connector which will allow its connection to the motorcycle.

In terms of size, it's true that the whole thing is quite imposing. To install it, you will therefore need

  • either enough space in the optical unit to fit everything (and maintain watertightness),
  • either modify the cover to be able to place the transformer outside the optical unit,
  • or even remove the sealing cover. Since the entire bulb is perfectly waterproof, this should not pose a problem!

On the Explorer, I managed to fit everything into the block for a very waterproof result. By playing a little Tétris, of course, but it happened and that's the main thing.

We're taking the test!

Installation done, I start the bike to compare lighting colors. Since I always have two bulbs working on my Explorer, I installed the LED bulb on the left, and left the halogen on the right. Just to make a good comparison. Clearly, it's hard to get whiter than LEDs. Next to it, my Philips Xtreme Vision bulb looks downright yellow!

Once on the road, during the day, I definitely have the impression that cars notice me more. Especially at intersections and interfiles. I have less of that feeling of the invisible biker with the cars cutting you off, like “ah, I didn’t see you!” ". An additional guarantee of security, it must be admitted.

But it is especially at night that LED bulbs come into their own ! The difference in lighting power and range is obvious. In low beam, you can see the difference even more. The LED bulb shines brighter, and even tends to overwhelm the yellow of the halogen. White light is more diffuse, and provides more contrast to the reliefs of the road. In full headlight on the other hand, I don't find that the LED illuminates further... But the clarity of the illuminated area is better on the LED side than with the halogen.

My opinion ?

Without appeal, I find the more efficient Tecno globe Gold H4 LED bulbs than halogen bulbs. No warm-up time, practical and aesthetic white light, powerful without blinding motorists, better visibility and above all, you get noticed more!

The only point to keep in mind if you want to install the Tecno Globe is the fairly large dimensions. Another thing: they are not theoretically not approved for the road… LED is considered a modification of lighting. But as long as it is well adjusted and does not dazzle other users on the road, there should be no problem.

And what about the price? Shall we talk about it?

To finish, the tecno Globe Gold H4 LED bulbs are offered at €98.28. Also, they have an estimated lifespan of 30,000 hours. Or 50 times higher than halogen bulbs. One less thing to change! In short, it's a good investment if you want to improve the lighting on your motorcycle.

Finishing 4.5
Compactness 1.5
Ease of installation2
Daytime visibility 4.5
Night lighting power 4

My opinion: More efficient than halogen

Tecno Globe Gold H4 LED bulbs are a good investment if you want to change the lighting of your optics. No warm-up time, aesthetic and powerful (without blinding motorists)... They allow you to see well, and above all to be seen. A good choice if you are ready to pay close to €98.33!

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Matt Adventure

Biker still rides, every day, a Triumph Tiger Explorer XCX on the asphalt and a Yamaha XT660Z Ténéré on the roads. Amateur of roads that dirty motorcycles but also Triumph fanboy on the edges. I love testing motorcycle gear; all staged in good quality videos :-)


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  1. Det Damien november 11, 2017 at 12:20 Answer

    tech globe bulb user, I recommend for the low beam bulb but not at all for the night lights which are too fragile and break quickly. changed twice in 6 months and went back to the new gem philips vision plus or extremely white in 6500 K which are very good for 19.90 for 2.
    first installation on a street triple, and was entitled to an unconditional bad time and yes there is a sense of assembly, that's all you know... no doc provided.
    i buy more than the techno globe bulbs… and wait to come across them at a great price…. to discuss with the after-sales service director.

    • Mr iMattheus may 19, 2017 at 10:59 p.m. Answer

      Good morning,
      I was not able to make a direct comparison with xenon on the Explorer but, given the light output of these bulbs (3200 LM in low beam / 4900 LM in headlight), it will illuminate as wide and far as xenon but without all installation constraints (ballast, electrical power)?
      A+ !

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