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Cardo Scala Rider Freecom 4 Duo intercom test

If you follow diligently #EnjoyTheRide, you certainly remember the test of Loïc's Freecom 2 at the beginning of the year. It is my turn to share with you my experience, this time with the cardo Scala Rider Freecom 4 Duo intercom kit. This intercom kit consists of 2 intercoms. The number 4 means it can connect to 3 other intercoms. Perfect for a ride for two on the motorbike, and with another couple.

Please note the importance of this figure when choosing your model, which will depend entirely on your needs (you often ride alone, in pilot/passenger mode, or in a group). Let's find out contents of the Cardo Scala Rider Freecom 4 Duo intercom kit.

A very generous kit

Cardo really took care of its packaging. When opened, we discover two intercoms as well as a multitude of accessories which allow them to be installed on the majority of helmets. You will certainly spend more time curiously discovering the contents of the package than installing the intercom on your headset :)

Inside, we find everything necessary to install them on a jet helmet (boom microphone) or a full face helmet (wired microphone), fixings by adhesive or clamp to be inserted between the shell and the foam, the headphones and the internal cabling and recharging system (USB cable and plug). It is ultra complete, and this kit intercom Cardo Scala Rider Freecom will fit many ranges of helmets.

For my part, I installed it on the shoei RYD helmet using the pliers. Note that to avoid any scratches, it has a silicone surface which also reinforces the stability of the intercom once installed.

I will remember from this opening that the earcups are quite thick (around 7 mm), therefore suitable for helmets with a dedicated recess for their installation. Finally, a pocket guide will allow you to get to know the different functionalities of the cardo Scala Rider Freecom 4 intercom kit. Keep it safe!

Discreet, elegant and robust

With its silver finishes, rounded curves and glossy black design, the cardo Scala Rider Freecom intercom kit is very elegant. Added to this is a very discreet template. It measures 7.5 cm in length, 4.5 cm in width and less than 2 cm in thickness with the clamp attachment. The whole thing is robust, if you are careful when detaching it for recharging, and is waterproof and dustproof. A real success at this level!

The ergonomics of the buttons are quite good, even with thick gloves. Notches make it easy to find the buttons, and the feeling with the keys is very pleasant.

The central diode which takes the shape of the brand allows you to display the various indications of the device (low battery, power off, pairing, etc.).

Getting started: do you have the manual?

What bothered me the most during the first few spins was the very tedious handling. Four keys allow you to activate and configure all the features of this cardo intercom kit (On/Off, volume, pairing, radio, call management, music/GPS). As you can imagine, you have to remember a large number of key combinations. It really takes a lot of practice to memorize the different button combinations before taking full advantage of Freecom. At the beginning, I even walked around with the instructions in my pocket to find my way… Not very practical.

Secondly, I tested theandroid app Cardo Smart Set of the brand which allows you to overcome this problem if your phone version is compatible. Reviews on Google Play are not always kind to this app... After connecting your phone via Bluetooth, the application allows you to easily activate music, tune your favorite radio stations, manage the connection with other intercoms and even save phone numbers that you can activate with voice command.

The icing on the cake is that you can even know exactly your charge level and update the intercom. So, it’s almost imperative to use this application!

Full Features for the Cardo Scala Rider Freecom Intercom Kit

L’cardo Scala Rider Freecom 4 intercom has all the features one would expect from this type of device. Radio, intercom function, connection to your smartphone applications (GPS, Music, Calls) and even advanced voice commands by activating Google Assistant or Siri. You can even listen to music while being guided by your GPS. It's very complete.

The Bluetooth connection allows you to connect to a second device, such as a GPS for example, if the latter has Bluetooth. Which I couldn't test.

With the duo pack, everyone is free to choose what to do. The pilot follows his GPS while the passenger listens to the radio. Either one can also share their music. In terms of compatibility, I had no problem connecting the Freecom to my Cellular Line intercom tower. We can nevertheless regret that pairing is limited to 4 devices.

High-level sound quality

The sound of the Cardo Scala Rider Freecom intercom is very clear, even at high speeds. An AGC function adjusts the volume depending on the speed, which is very practical.

In intercom mode, discussions are easy, and the distance management announced at 1.6 km keeps all its promises. Even with an intercom from another brand, everything is clear and smooth. It's very nice.

Finally, autonomy leaves something to see. During intensive use in discussion mode, the battery will last 2 days (around 10 hours), and a week if you only use the radio function for example.

Sound quality4.8
Quality / Finish 4.5
Contents of the pack5

My opinion: Complete, versatile but not very intuitive

Want to invest in a kit to chat with your traveling companion? Whether he's on the back saddle or on his motorcycle for that matter. The Cardo Scala Rider Freecom 4 intercom kit is a very good investment. Despite not being intuitive to use, the Freecom 4 is ultra complete, and will be perfect for regular use. Its elegant design, its discreet size and its autonomy add to the list of qualities of this intercom. A good choice !

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  1. Holander Stéphane august 15, 2018 at 12:49 Answer

    Note a latency of a few seconds when using voice triggering, which I did not have with the old Q2. Too bad because if you want to warn another pilot of a danger or a change of direction, etc., well, you will have passed a long time ago when your intercom goes off. For me this is a fatal flaw that makes me regret my purchase. Not to mention the soft scala and the various updates which seem to regress the hardware rather than improve it. My next one will certainly be from SENA which seems to have unanimous support for its products. In short, you will have understood that I am disappointed with the product in any case in the context of my use, namely between 2 motorcycles. Have a good trip everyone.

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